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  1. Ty250 1974 lower rear mudguard

    Is the one in the picture in your post the same as this one from majesty, you just have to attach the airbox to it? I have already just brought a new rear fender just need to sort the bottom out now
  2. What did you tick on the declaration part of the v555. Mine is also tax and mot exempt but was going to do the mot for first year so they know someone has looked at it, but only send them the registering fee and no tax
  3. What else needs to be ticked on the v555 declaration thanks
  4. Ty250 1974 lower rear mudguard

    I don't really know which is the best option to go with. This is the airbox that came with the bike which has just been screwed to rear fender.
  5. Ty250 1974 lower rear mudguard

    what do people use as the lower rear mud guard? And do you buy the replica fender or a universal. Many thanks
  6. Filling out the v55/5

    yes Ive got the nova form to fill out too. i was going to apply for tax exemption and mot at same time as doing registration application is this ok to do? The bikes a 1974 ty250
  7. Filling out the v55/5

    It's says that you can't recieve any messages
  8. Filling out the v55/5

    Yes please that would be excellent I'll message you now
  9. Hi how much of the v55/5 do you have to fill out? Surely you don't have to fill in emissions/co2/noise decibels etc? Many thanks
  10. Dating letter from Yamaha

    I haven't heard back from them yet I said it's that I would still like the letter as i think more will be better to send to dvla I'm going to get one from a club too I think? have you filled out the v555 yet?
  11. 74 ty250 frame queries

    Yeah I've seen the a model it's missing a engine bracket though
  12. 74 ty250 frame queries

    this is the frame that I've found would this be ok swapping everything over onto it? Its 493-200 also does it look intact thanks for all your help my bike bIke in top picture then frame
  13. 74 ty250 frame queries

    I'm just considering a frame swap so I have a standard one on the bike and not the modified one. There is a 493 frame that's for sale that's why I ask about that frame. Do you know of any frames available anywhere?
  14. 74 ty250 frame queries

    I will try and take some photos later on. Are all the twinshock frames the same if I can find one? This is a 434 frame will a 493 be the same and fit everything correctly ?
  15. Dating letter from Yamaha

    I have been In touch with Yamaha to confirm in writing the year of manufacture for my 1974 ty250. They said that they can not supply the date of manufacture only the model year! Will this be enough for the dvla or will I need something else? Here is there reply.