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  1. Just to let people know that dvla have changed the v55/5 forms in September they still send out the old ones though! I have had mine rejected just because it's the old form which I only received from them 4 weeks ago. if you print one off online and fill it in identical to the old one it will be fine (dvla told me) so make sure you don't fill out any old ones old ones have the carbon part on the back!
  2. Ty250 a 434 piston

    Hi thanks for the replies when you say an L ring piston ring do you mean the top ring is in the shape on an L and the bottom is Normal, as this is what is on the piston. There is no play so would be good to just change the rings I've brought these since which I'm hoping are the correct rings for it I also have a piston kit which I was assured would fit even though it says it's for a d e model but wasn't sure still so brought the genuine rings after too
  3. Ty250 a 434 piston

    Hi I've just took my head off and cylinder to clean up so have decided to change the piston and rings as the gap on the rings is quite big. Question is I can't find what size the piston is I have measured the bore and it is 69.775 will a 70.00mm piston kit be fine for that? Any advise will be great thanks
  4. Two drain holes

    Thanks for that reply i shall put it straight in then once it has arrived in the post thanks again for your help
  5. Two drain holes

    Hi Tony can you just put it straight back in at the placement it is at the moment in the picture?
  6. Two drain holes

    I just ordered it thanks guy is it just a case of putting it all back in the hole and screwing it back up or does it need setting or anything? Thanks
  7. Two drain holes

  8. Two drain holes

    Should there be a spring or something in it then? It just has a hollow bolt in the hole and that's it. Inside looks like this
  9. Two drain holes

    There is nothing in it though just the bolt?
  10. Two drain holes

    Hi is there two drain plugs underneath the ty250a? one pretty much in centre of casing and one to the side underneath gear selector, or is the one underneath the gear selector something different? Thanks guys
  11. 74 ty250 seat base brackets

    I'm not sure yet it hasn't arrived it's a bit of a mess but hoping that I can get it sorted out here's a picture
  12. 74 ty250 seat base brackets

    I have just purchased an original seat and brackets this afternoon it needs new foam and cover on it But atleast I know it will all fit. Does anyone know a round about cost for refurbing a seat? Thanks for your help
  13. 74 ty250 seat base brackets

  14. 74 ty250 seat base brackets

    I have just found this seat on eBay which says it is for the a and b model does this look about right to you? As for the brackets i need the originals or fabricate some new ones as I dont want to weld new mounting plates onto my frame as i have already had it painted. This is the bike bike so far
  15. 74 ty250 seat base brackets

    I am after brackets to suit the original designed seat base the yellow part and the seat that goes on top. I have brought some aftermarket seat brackets from tytrials to try but they do not fit, (about an inch to short) they must be for a newer ty i think it might be this type I'm after but don't know the measurements so can't be sure. Also need The seat too thanks