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  1. New Member and new to me Bultaco Sherpa T’s

    Ask and ye shall receive, thanks guys. Any idea as to the O.D.? I know I could cut it off and measure, but if someone knew of the top of their head that would be easier Ron
  2. New Member and new to me Bultaco Sherpa T’s

    Back to the frames again. I need to replace the cradle frame tubes that attach to the skidplate on the M-151. They have been bashed nearly flat. Does anyone have an idea as to the tubing thickness? What type of steel were used on these frames? Chromoly? Thanks, Ron
  3. New Member and new to me Bultaco Sherpa T’s

    Ok, I guess I will be building up the 151 frame along with the matching engine case. I appreciate the comments guys and the leads on parts. I will have more questions along the way I am sure.
  4. Time Left: 22 days and 8 hours

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    Trying to restore an M-125/151 as a father son project to ride in vintage trials. I am needing most everything to complete as these are rough projects. Big items would be rear hub/brake parts and Fuel tank. Fenders and braces. If you can help please let me know. Ron Cribbs ronaldcribbs@sbcglobal.net


  5. New Member and new to me Bultaco Sherpa T’s

    Yes, that’s why I was wanting to find used as building a whole bike out of NOS or repro parts would be way too expensive. a parts bike would be good, but I haven’t Run across any yet. can anybody comment on the frames?
  6. First time poster and of course I have a few questions. I picked up 2 very rough Bultaco Sherpas. One is a Model 125 and is just a frame, the other is a Model 151 and is basically just a roller with engine. The Frames on these are quite different one has a cradle under the engine and bash plate, the other has just a bash plate and no cradle. Not sure if that is normal or not. Frame numbers are as follows: JB-12502105 JB-1500724 Engine Numbers: M-12502105 M-15100724 Lastly, where can I get parts? I have seen a couple US Bultaco suppliers as well as a couple overseas suppliers, but those are all new parts. Where do I go for used parts? Surely Ebay is not the only source. I need a lot of small parts, things that aren’t reproduced or NOS. I am attaching a couple photo’s of the frames so you guys can tell me what is wrong. Thanks for any help you can provide. Ron Cribbs