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  1. I was thinking about using some Betor forks off a Bultaco. I assume I'd have a new stem turned to make the conversion. With the stock yoke should I use leading axle forks or not? Or should do some math to figure out the geometry beforehand?
  2. I've got a line on Bultaco wheels and some Betor forks. That should help.
  3. I maybe able to get the CS engine. That will shave a few pounds off. Only 300 more to go!
  4. Is it true the 350 will go slower and accelerate faster than the 500?
  5. That is so awesome! I have no idea what you mean about costs getting out of hand... I'll also be able to add the "idiot on board" entertainment value! Where can I find out more about your bike? What year, model, mag, forks, wheels, etc.
  6. I guess running a heavyweight is going to be an exclusive club. All the more reason to go for it.
  7. Doesn't sound like problems, it sounds like opportunities! Slap a new Concetric on, Timesert the head steady hole and put a breather on it to stop the bubbles. Next?
  8. Has anyone else here built an AJS? Any tips?
  9. Well, it was beautiful weather and aside from section 8 a fun trials. You need to have a Sherpa T tucked away in a corner for when your English bikes gives you fits. ;-)
  10. Have you put electronic ignitions in any of them?
  11. Here's the video from last year.
  12. This is the video I shot at the vintage trials in Eastern Oregon yesterday. I suspect the landscape is a little different that our European friends encounter. There is deep sand and when there isn't sand there is deep powdery dirt. I only ride about two trials a year so I get rusty over the winter. At least that's the excuse I'm going with. That and I'm getting older (yesterday was my birthday) and I had no intention of getting too hurt, which is a why I skipped that one section. I was going to post this in the Trials Video section but I thought the classic people would appreciate it more.
  13. I didn't see you at Crooked River, did you not make it down? Is this Jody's bike?
  14. Several years ago I bought this Cagiva but never could get it running right. The previous owner mentioned he wouldn't mind getting it back from me. So at the recent vintage bike show I see he has this AJS so I offer to swap the bikes. He gets the Cagiva and I end up with ANOTHER project. Fortunately for both of us he agrees. This last box is fully of freshly chromed parts. Unfortunately this includes the oil tank, which I think should be black. I haven't had a chance to fully inventory the parts. Then again I barely know what it should look like when it's complete! I went out today and looked at the parts more carefully, here are some more pics: I believe this is the frame number? I'd like to build a trials bike out of it. Probably sell the chrome bits and get an alloy tank and oil tank.
  15. It wasn't easy, some very soft ground that you'd sink in up to your axle. Fun times.