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  1. They start about £245, various options, have a look at their site for more info
  2. Went for Rockshocks in the end, all good so far. It was interesting to see how much 'stiction' there was on my 5yr old shocks. When apart, the springs were fine and the damper rod moved easily, but when together I could hardly start go compress them. Once the stiction was overcome,they were OK,say from 1" compressed. No complaints though, 5 years of abuse has to have some effects
  3. Thanks lads for all the replies, don't know if it's the beer but I'm falling for the Rockshocks.. being able to rebuild easily is useful, I fall off quite often, and the wife could be persuaded to make up the extra cost with Xmas coming.. decisions,decisions..👍
  4. Thanks, I've had NJB Trikshox for the past 5 years and they've served me well, just wondered what the others are like. Of course what I really want is a shock that will turn me into some sort of trials god, instead of the 'making the numbers up' clubman that I am now, but that might be asking a bit much
  5. As above, for my C15... I've budgeted about £150, not bothered if the Alloy ones are lighter, just wondered what current opinions are.. I've looked back through the archives and there's fans of either, but a lot of the opinions are a few years old so things may be different now? I see a lot of Betors about, but is that because they look a bit sexier or what ? Cheers
  6. That explains it then, thanks. Are multi lap off road trials a modern invention ?
  7. What was the queuing like back then ? If you had 20-30 starting each section surely you'd spend a lot of time hanging about ? Sections would change a lot after being ridden 1000 times too ?
  8. I don't have a problem with fairness, no. I regularly ride against different bikes,there are blokes riding billet Bantams that I usually beat, and others on original big bikes that ride rings round me. Maybe I should have more of a competitive streak but I just go out most weeks and enjoy riding. Yes that is my bike, it looks different now, and I don't live at that house anymore, I'd have given you a pic if you'd asked, I find it a bit creepy that you've gone through 8 yrs of posts to show me a pic of my own bike
  9. The HT was dangerous with me on it, I'm sure more skilful riders cope fine
  10. Ha, nice one Spud. Sorry to burst your bubble but I did ride it in the mud at events. I'm not very competitive, which is useful at my skill level , so I chose a manageable bike that I could ride every week without getting hurt. My C15 was my version of Don Morleys in his book, call it highly modified but all the geometry is virtually the same, bar the subframe being lifted, which was done back in the day.The front frame has had all surplus lugs removed, again as back in the day . Rear hub is Rickman, not sure what front is but its heavier at 8lb than the usual Bantam hubs people use . My bike weighs the same as a competive 60s C15. If I only wanted to ride one event a year, the HT would be perfect, it was a lovely looker, but I try and do 15-20 trials , hence the BSA. You ought to get out more yourself ?
  11. Spud ; C15 has standard engine and original frame with subframe mods as per back in the day. Til recently I owned a completely original HT5, steel everything, but it weighed a ton, and was ok for parading but as I'm self employed, was concerned that if it ever fell on me, I'd never work again . Cheers, I'm off this topic now for life
  12. The annoying thing for me is that I dont think the mood on this forum is in any way reflected on the ground. Fairness or otherwise isn't a subject of concern, with different age blokes riding different sized/ equipped bikes with varying skills
  13. Road Trials = Insurance, which means up to date V5, MOT, licence etc. If that's the only road trial on your calendar, it adds quite a cost. Over and out.
  14. I have no problem with good natured debate, but there's something about the general tone of your posts that makes me nauseous. For that reason I shall refrain from posting on any more of these 'state of pre 65' threads
  15. The Talmag is like the Banbury Run, where bikes come out the woodwork specifically for that event. Why not organise a similar event and advertise it as being to Talmag rules, and wait for the entries to come flooding in ? Having all these new groups and sub-groups so that you can ride this ex-works bike you've inherited seems like a lot of hassle, when by your own admittance you rarely ride anyway? What next, if someone turns up who's ten years younger than you , will you make him ride a different subset so that it's all 'fair '? You've said on here before that your bike has alloy rims, so does that put you in 'Britshocks Modified A4' or whatever, or don't rims count ?