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  1. The regs for this year say that they’re unable to do the fuel drop so the route has been modified to pass a garage. I was planning to do it on trials gearing ( tall 4th) and just wanted to try and find out if there were many proper roads en route ( I don’t want any !) thanks
  2. Thanks, appreciate it 👍
  3. Hi, how much tarmac road work is there on the Arbuthnot trial please ?
  4. Mailed them but they won’t ship to U.K. ( can’t blame them !)
  5. That’s great, thanks 👍
  6. Just searched German eBay and all the irc tyres are located in USA ?
  7. Not many in France either
  8. I get it now, you were just being an idiot 👍
  9. Thanks Woody. I’m not too desperate so I’ll just wait til they’re around again
  10. Can you be more specific, it’s a big place
  11. Any irc tyres in U.K. ?
  12. Tried here ? http://www.bsaotter.com/ Or ask Deryk Wylde ?
  13. Yes you define ‘troll’ with your decision to go on a forum for a sport you have little contact with , and label the majority cheats and claim the rules are all wrong . your responses , with all this multi-quoting and masses of text , are more like a 15 yr old girl than bloke who just wants to ride bikes. definitely final post, troll
  14. When I said I hoped you rode as well as you typed, it was a comment about typing speed, not a compliment on the content . basically we are all feeding a troll, and more fool us . the guy virtually doesn’t ride, won’t organise, obviously doesn’t observe or even attend trials , why are we bothering? Over and out
  15. If only you put as much effort into riding as typing 🥱
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