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  1. It’s only a bit of fun.. even if the bikes were dead original, with pre-units and bantams often lumped in together, it’s never going to be a level playing field. It’s been done to death on here, with the loudest voices usually being those that don’t ride British bikes every week anyway
  2. I used S & T in Bristol, £450 ish to Nickel plate an Ariel frame and swingarm
  3. Try it and get back to us with your findings ?
  4. Is it that special / rare that’s it’s worth the gamble of either ruining the piston or damaging the engine if the repair weakens it ? If not, buy a new one and stick that one on eBay
  5. What Lucas mag is it ? They didn’t change much -my trials bike electronic BTH fits my 20’s Sunbeam that was Lucas originally
  6. Well he only needs the magneto ( the lower part of the mag-dyno combo )they are self generating and don’t need a battery. Either remove the lights or rig something up with bicycle led’s ? I have a twenties flat tanker without lights, I have used bicycle lights on the rare occasions that I think I’ll be riding late ( usually twilight coming home from the pub )
  7. Yes, a sad loss, Al was a lovely guy. RIP
  8. I presume you’re all on about riders classes in Championships, as otherwise it makes no difference who rides where surely ? We all know who’s any good or has similar skills to ourselves, I just judge my day on how I’ve got in compared to those riders I know are of equal ability . If someone fancies riding an easier class, I don’t see any problem unless there’s a trophy on offer
  9. As an aside, I happened to glance at this weeks ‘Angler’s Mail’, and they too are wondering where the next wave of participants will come from. Rod licences are down 40% from 6/7 yrs ago. I wonder if there’s a generation who are sat staring into phones and missing the world go by..
  10. brian0304

    BSA C15

    Can I ask how much are Minshall or Whitton Hubs/ Brakeplates ?
  11. Hi Jon, know what you mean re people being interested/capable of running Goldies etc but there's certainly no drop in price/demand of pre '31 or even pre'1914 bikes, and obviously there's not many riding now, that knew these bikes new ! I'd like to think that not everyone who buys an old bike is doing it purely as a static investment. I'm 4 yrs younger than you and ride a Venom and a flat tanker so there's still a few of us out there. I always find there's loads of interest at pub meets etc from younger riders, even if they think Velocette is a French company ( and I live 3 miles from Hall Green )
  12. Don't think it's a sidecar under that sheet, there's no nose on it, just something high up. Any sidecar even with a screen would have an outline that was nose first surely ? The frame looks to be a light colour, quite unusual if standard . Can only think of light blue, green or beige ? Bsa or Triumph twin is my guess, looks like he needs a longer clutch cable though ! edit to add - single downtube rules out Bsa twin, could be anything !
  13. Just resting in place. It'll sit lower at the rear and run parallel with the top tube, but it has to be square with the engine for me
  14. I went for the Holtworks in the end, arrived today only 6 weeks from ordering. Have to say it's a quality bit of kit, absolutely perfect
  15. Thanks for all the input, as Jon says, for the effort involved they are still cheap. My issue is that I'm not keen on the look of tanks that slope backwards, I want them to be square with the engine,and the ones on sale are quite shallow. Unless anyone knows different...? Cheers
  16. Thanks for that Collyolly, I'll be using a Bartram frame, what's yours ?
  17. Anyone got a pic of an HT ( their bike ?) with an Avery Products- Terry Weedy tank? They're quite a bit cheaper than the Holtworks ones so just wanted to get an idea. Thanks
  18. Times change, things move on, using the clutch now and again doesn't spoil a day out riding a nice bike. Just be happy that 50 years from 1965 that anyone wants to ride anything from that era, as it has less and less relevance to younger riders . The Talmag is a one off like the Banbury Run, when often rarely used bikes get an annual airing. Nostalgia ain't like it used to be
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