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  1. phiggs

    Ty175 won't run

    The rubber O ring on the base of the needle jet is the most important part of that expensive kit. The float bowl should be a tight push fit onto it, and should not just fall off. Unfortunately the O ring is not a standard size, but something like 4.6 x 2.0 mm
  2. Remember TFR is a De-Greaser, and there are not many places on your bike that get greased up. I have been brushing diesel to soften greasy areas around the chain, then a squirt of TFR (wait 30 seconds.) then pressure wash the area. Some TFRs have wax in them, as do some shampoos, which should leave a shiney surface. .
  3. I think you need to keep your head up.. Going along those balance beams, you seem to be more concerned where the bottom of the engine is, rather than keeping your inner ear semi-circular canals lined up with the horizon.
  4. Instead of trying to get around the figure of 8 in the shortest possible time, with high angles of bank, try stopping every couple of feet and balancing whilst stationary. If you are on loose sand you will learn that the front wheel will try to plough straight on. You will need to pull the front end around the corner, with a movement of body weight.
  5. phiggs

    Unleaded Fuel

    I have had four UK Petrol related problems in my motorcycles... A fibreglass seat/tank unit for a ty175 had the pet-cock fall off after about 4 months of use. The paint surface on the tanks of a Bultaco and a Greeves bubbled after just a week each. The Bing Carburettor on the Bultaco had it's cold start plunger rubber perish into a gooey mess. The Mikuni Carbs on my ty175s all seem to be Ok, but I should check their plungers soon.
  6. phiggs

    Unleaded Fuel

    If you live near to any small airfield, you could ask them to fill a couple of Jerry-Cans with Avgas. The usual is 100LL (Low-Lead.), and some airfields stock 97UL (Unleaded.), Both of which contain no ethanol. The price is only about 10p more, but they may charge a further 10p as you are a visitor.
  7. Quote... Also, i generally ride everything in 2nd or 3rd gear. What would i gain by going one tooth down on the front sprocket that i couldnt achieve by just riding in 1st or 2nd ? Well exactly, if you went for 1 tooth smaller , 4th gear might become useable. So you would have 4 useable gears..
  8. A bit of even better news from the Isle of Man, as of 12:00 today Wednesday 3 June, there are Zero cases of Covid-19 there. Travel ban is still in place, until GB has the same sort of result. .
  9. I wouldn't go too much on where the snail-cams finish, they can be out by a couple of notches, as one side takes the weight of the chain and the other doesn't. You could try two long straight-edges against each side of the rear tyre, to see if it is in line with the front wheel.
  10. I have only ever taken a BSA C15 crank apart, to install a new bearing. I entrusted the work to a local heavy engineering company. I got the flywheels back, installed them in the crankcases, and they were as stiff as ever. Took it all apart again and had the engineering company re-true them, as they said they were 5 thou out. They need to be way under 1/2 thou, only possible with precision measurements. .
  11. Good news from the Isle of Man, they now only have six cases of Covid 19, with just two of them in hospital. They are getting ready to start the junior schools next week. So maybe that is what our trials clubs could do.. Put on an event for the juniors only, with obviously their parents as helpers, and just two riders at a section at any one time. .
  12. Haven't really looked at the ACU Rules since they stopped issuing ACU Handbooks, but I seem to remember that you are not allowed to 'Practice on known trials sections'. So that is going to make it hard for Clubs to put on a practice event. If they organise a scored event, then they would have to pay the ACU fees, and get a date organised first. Also they would need to wait until 'Gatherings' are allowed.
  13. Looks like a standard half-moon Woodruff Key. Unless it's been metricated, it could be a standard 1/8 inch width. I have known some people that could make their own, out of mild steel bar. Try to clean up the gaulled shaft taper, and flywheel... At least you now know why it was backfiring.. .
  14. Hi, if you are in a country where there are no trials, why do you want a 'Trials Bike'... You do realise they have no seat, so you would find riding them for any long distance will be very uncomfortable. If you just want to get around the countryside, then an Enduro bike with a seat and large petrol tank would be the best way to go. Of course you could always start up a trials club and if you got sufficient volunteers, you could put on some events yourself... Best of Luck..
  15. Even if we stay 5 metres apart, it seems like trials as we knew them are a thing of the past. Maybe it time to register the bikes and all go 'Green Laneing'... one at a time. This Virus spread throughout the world so quickly, and apart from the Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, and a some other South Sea Islands, has infected all countries. I have been listening to Manx Radio, and they now have just 0 or 1 deaths per day, with just 32 known infected persons still in hospital. All travel into the Island has been stopped, apart from re-patriation of Manxmen, who need to quarantine for 14 days in a specially sanitised Hotel. There is also a special testing procedure on trial in the Isle of Wight, but I don't know if ferry travel there has been stopped. .
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