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  1. Ok Hughie, will keep an eye out for you and pop and say hello. Always happy to stagger round with another 😉
  2. Good good. Yes I am mate. Well my 2nd, so we’re see how we go 👍
  3. Thank you for the advice. Must admit I put the original bars back on today with some new grips. Funny enough I done as you have just said above and set the bars up to what felt a lot better. Had a quick blat up the road and done a few tight turns and felt a lot easier, also I felt lighter on the bars. Tomorrow will tell. Thanks again for the advise everyone, much appreciated. 👍
  4. Hi Hughie, are you at Standlake tomorrow?
  5. No to be fair, I did have a laugh down there and by the end of the day was doing some decent climbs and descents etc. and as said if you don't fancy it turn the other way 🙂 I believe Zona1 closed at he end of July ready to become a bypass or something.
  6. Hi All, New to trials, so be gentle 😁 have been a road bike man since way back when. Just after advice/thoughts really. Recently brought a 2nd hand Sherco ST250. It came fitted with higher bars as the previous owner was 6ft plus. He gave me the original bars. My question is, as I am of shorter stature (approx 5'9) would it be beneficial to me in anyway to refit the original bars. I understand there's thoughts of what feels better etc etc....but was just looking for peoples thoughts before going through the rigmarole of changing bars over etc. Many thanks in advance 😉
  7. Hi Hughie, Sorry for my late response to you yes, read your other post and see you had a walk round. Yes, I’m in a very similar situation to yourself as new at this and finding somewhere to practice would be a great help. Have ridden road bikes for most of my life. Did go to Fry’s bottom with some mates but was a bit extreme in places for first time out and saw me hitting the deck plenty of times. Also did enter one trial, missed plenty of sections but did do a few. Also hoping to the North Berks trial. Have applied to join North Berks club as their arena at Aston is only a few minutes from me so definitely the closest club to me.
  8. Hi Hughie, was just wandering how you got on at the weekend?
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