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  1. Hi All Just got hold of a Beta Evo 2010 125 for my son and we want to change the gear oil. Can anyone let me know if it is best to use Light Gear Oil or ATF and also how much should i put in. The specs say 550 ml but i see on the forums some people recomend less as it helps the clutch disengage better. Any thoughts or suggestions greatfully received. Geoff
  2. Hi There I wonder if anyone can help me out. I have a 2005 rev 3 125 and want to set the suspension up a bit. Can someone tell me the travel for the shock or how can i measure it in order to set up the sag. Thanks for any help Geoff
  3. Hi There I wonder if someone can shed some light on a little problem for me. My boy has a txt pro 125 2003 gasser and i want to replace the clutch pack. I have got the pack and have studied the clutch video on the net. I took the cover off to release the 10 ALLEN BOLTS around the spring only to find that they are in fact no ALLEN BOLTS at all but Weird looking star shaped bolts and i do not have the correct spanner/socket to undo them. Can someone tell me the correct name for this type of bolt and the correct name of the spanner/socket i need to undo them. Thanks Geoff
  4. HI Jeeves88 Thanks for the reply. I took the linkage apart and sure enough all the needle bearings fell out. So i have replaced them and all seems good now. Thanks Geoff
  5. Hi There Wonder if anyone can help me here. My boy has a TXT 125 2003 Gas Gas and when i was washing it earlier i had it on a stand with the rear wheel off the ground and noticed if i lifted the rear wheel it lifted a bit before coming up tight. If it is on the ground you can notice the wheel dropping slightly if you raise the wheel off the ground. There is no Side to Side movement i can see some slack in the linkage which attaches to the rear shock. Wonder if any one has any comments on this. It may be normal i do not know, If it is not can anyone point me in the direction of the problem. ie. Swing arm bearings, linkage etc. Many Thanks Geoff
  6. Hi There I crashed today and broke the clutch lever. No Problem thinks I as i had a spare back in the van...........BUT...... When i came to fit it i found i had lost the rubber boot assembly which i think looking at the brake lever must contain some kind of push rod, because when i fitted the new lever, even with the adjuster right out it would no where near engage the clutch. Can someone just confirm what i need to get hold of as i do not have a parts book. the bike is a REV3 125 2005 Model. Many Thanks Geoff
  7. Hi Bruce Just read your post, so thought i would share my findings with you. I AM NOT TECHNICALLY MINDED THIS IS JUST WHAT I FOUND OUT VIA THE FORUM.... I had exactly the same thing with my rev3 125 and after several helpful posts from various people i think i have it sorted. As the other person said my choke was not fully closing off so i gave that a good. I also gave the exhaust a good clean and repacked the silencer which was dripping in oil when i tookk it out. Installed a brand new air filter oil up how STORK told me to oil it Installed a new plug I did also raise the clip on the needle. Rode a trial last Wednesday evening and it was like riding a different bike, no stopping to change plugs and not oily mess running down over the engine. Hope this helps as i said i am not technical but really appreciated the advice i was given on here. Best Regards Geoff
  8. Hi There I have a 2003 txt pro 125 for my lad and wish to replace the fork oil with new. I have read the posts on how to do the job and am quite confident about doing it as i have done his motocross bike several times. What i was wondering is do i need to fully dis-assemble the forks or just drain the old oil out and flush the legs out. If only flushing is required with what do i flush them with. I undersatnd i need to put in about 300cc of 5W fork oil, is this correct?? Any comments greatfully received. Thanks Geoff
  9. Hi Neil and Stork Thanks for taking the time to reply. I will do as you both suggest and let you know of my findings. Regarding the air filter, I have a new one ready to install but I am not really sure quite how much oil to use on it, I use no toil filter oil. Thanks again Geoff
  10. Hi All I am a total newby to all this so please bear with me. The problem I have is with my BEAT REV3 2005 125. After about 1-1.5 Hours riding it fouls the plug. The plug is covered in a black soot and is dry. I showed it to a friend of mine and he tells me by looking at the plug the bike is running "WAY TO RICH". I am using an NGK-BP5ES Plug and as soon as you replace it the bike starts first kick. I would be greatful of any hints or tips anyone may have regarding this problem. If you could keep it simple as I said I am a total novice at this stuff. Many Thanks Geoff