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  1. Thanks for that i will keep that in mind i like the look of the clice stuff. Craig
  2. Hi my name is Craig i am looking into getting some new trials clothes, i like the Hebo stuff there is the pro range and the Hebo tech 07 does anyone know what the difference between the two is. The tech 07 stuff is dearer . I have always found the Hebo stuff really wears well.
  3. Hi this may be a completely unrelated topic to your problem my 2005 Gas Gas txt pro had a knock and i showed it to my friend who has 15 years in the motorcycle trade and he said it needed new piston and rings. I bought a S3 piston kit from on line and bingo problem solved i think the kit was about 90ish quid plus p and p.
  4. I find when i ride my favourite route at most clubs the 50/50 i find taller gearing to have a better feel to me especially off the bottom. I will try the ten tooth front sprocket on the bike and see how it runs. Thanks for the info
  5. I new some one was going to say that but no matter what gear im in it still seems to rev high jetting is standard. I have just put a s3 piston kit in it so its got plenty of poke all right.
  6. Hi my name is craig i own a Gas Gas txt pro i am running standard gearing 42 tooth rear sprocket and a 11 tooth front sprocket but the bike while riding always seems to be reving quite high while riding compared to other bikes. But i havent riden many other bikes so i cant really compare. Any infomation or gearing advice.
  7. Thanks for the info i will drop the front tyre pressure down a bit and see how it feels. Craig
  8. Hi my name is Craig i own a Gas Gas TXT PRO 250, i run a irc tyre on the rear and a michilin on the front i have been riding trials for one year now and improving all the time. I have been running 4psi in the rear and 6.8psi in the front in dry conditions is this correct ? Thank you for your help in this matter.
  9. Hi my name is Craig and i own a Gas Gas 250 Pro i lowered the front sprocket down to a ten tooth from the standard 11 tooth on the front and i hardly noticed any difference in the ability to ride through a section slower and on the harder routes the bike ran out of steam very quickly. I found that putting a three mm spacer in the head works brilliantly. The bike runs that little bit softer especially in 1st gear. I also run two base gaskets under the cylinder body. Hope this helps.