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technical advice sort for tl 320 1982

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Could somebody help me with the thread direction for the clutch side crank nut [more like a cylinder with a 1/2 inch square female]?

Any tips on replacing the crankshaft seal would be also be most welcome?

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Conventional right hand thread....anti-clockwise to undo.

1. Lock up the crank to undo the nut by taking out the M8 hex head bolt that sits between the casings (below the exhaust port)

2. There is a hole drilled in the crank shell, if you rotate the crank and stick a small screwdriver through the hole, you should locate it.

3. Use a long M8 bolt to lock the crank up to release the crank nut/counter weight. Incidentally, the crank is now at TDC, if you leave it locked, you will be able to set the disc in the correct position.

Hope this helps


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Thanks Martin, That's great.

While Ive got you - while I was doing a pivot turn over a log I belted the gear lever directly onto a branch stub on the log resulting in stuck in first and no shifting. Is it possible to deliver a shock to the selector mechanism that causes it to disengage without bending the shaft?

The reason I ask is that there is no visible sign of the shaft being bent and it kicks over fine and as the gear shaft goes thru the kick shaft I was assuming thats all straight and fine?

Any thoughts?

PS thanks for all your help and the prompt service thru your website http://www.motoswm.com/ I love my SWMs and this is all making it easy owning a relativity rare machine in regional Australia.

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