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How To Do Hops On Both Wheels Properly?

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I found it easiest to learn front wheel hopping first after learning balancing while stopped

I started in the garage with the bike stopped and one foot down and both breaks on.( Gear leaver side foot on the ground)

I did this to get the rhythem of the forks. I pushed down on the forks and pulled back (weight forward on the forks and as soon as compressed pull back at the speed the forks want to go, but continuing until the wheel is off the ground about 200 - 300 mm, then back down and up repeatedly until it becomes a smooth motion).

Next try to repeat this while balancing. Concentrate on maintaining the motion and speed as above.

If you have to foot on the right then the front wheel needed to land further right, and same if left.

So when the forks are compressed if you pull up and to the side the bike "hops that way" aim to land the wheel under your balance point.

You will find you use your legs and arms (basically whole body) to do this efficiently.

Just balancing and hopping the front wheel is excellent exercise for trials. Try no motor and hopping continuosly for 10 min no stops.

Good luck

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I find it easier to hop both wheels at once than I do to hop only the rear. No doubt I need to practice it more.

Basically it all boils down to practice, it took me many hours to be able to hop the front and I rarely need to in the class I ride (intermediate) but

it's sure nice to have it in your bag of tricks when you do need it.


One thing I observed is that you really need to get it down completely before it's of any real use to you 

and does not cost you points by trying to use it. Much easier to hop when you want to than when you "need" to.


For this reason in my practice I often try turns I can't make WO hopping and then hop it's more realistic.



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