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Honda RTL carburettor

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Hi all,

anyone replaced the carb on an RTL and had success?

- what type of carb was used and where would it be available?

My RTL carb slide sticks even though the retaining nuts are a bit over finger tight. Gets worse if any tighter. 

Any suggestions on a fix or carb replacement greatly appreciated. 


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Hey Mark,

 Great ride on Sunday.   

Maybe this will help with your RTL carb.

I had a similar acting slide on one of my old Honda’s.  On close inspection I saw that the index pin had worn and galled up the groove in the slide.  Some very careful work with a set of jeweler’s files smoothed up both the pin and the groove in the slide.  I followed that up with some polishing compound (toothpaste) on the slide and moved the slide up and down with my finger until it was polished.  A good cleaning and it works better than new.  

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I tried a flat sided Keihin carb on my RTL but just couldn't get it to run very well. I did notice that the Sherco 4T used a Keihin so posted this thread to see what changes that had:

I never tried them deciding to go back to the standard carb but if yours isn't working they might be worth trying. 

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