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Best 50cc Trials Bike

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My 6 year old son is very keen on Trials, and I am looking to buy a

bike in the spring.

He has not ridden a motorcycle before, so I am thinking about looking

at an auto (e.g Beta minitrial). Has any one got any advice regarding these bikes, and there suitability for use in competition.

I know the traditional route for youngsters was with the TY 80, but my son has set his heart on a more "modern" looking bike, like the ones Dougie rides!

Whilst he is 6 years old he has the height and build of an 8 year old, so I dont want a bike he will grow out of too soon. On the other hand I want him to have fun while he is learning to handle the bike and gain confidence, and not get bogged down with an over complex bike (ie clutch, and a box full of gears!).


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Hmmm!! The popular choices are the Gas Gas and Beta Auto's. The new player is the Clipic Auto and they are keen to get riders on them. However as soon as he has learned to ride and he can handle it sizewise get him on the Beta REV50. The Sherco auto is ok but you don't see many around and it seems to use a Bicycle tyre. With all the little Autos I have heard of parts availability problems and also they are revved to heaven and back!!

My son learnt to ride on a PW80 at BUMPY where they taught him the balance and steering. The semi-auto box made it ideal. After 4 or five lessons he moved on to the TY80. When he wanted to start competing I got him an old Mecatechno 80 then moved after 8 months to a REV50. It was really a case of how keen are they. My lad is very keen and will spend all day every weekend riding if I let him. If your lad is like this he will want to go to the REV50 ASAP as he will want to compete. If you are in the Yorkshire area that's easy as is the Derbyshire area.

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If he's got the build of a 8 year old, it would be worth looking at the Beta Rev50. My lad got one for his 9th birthday and it's just the job.

Try to get to a youth trial and see how he is for leg length.

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