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 this winter project 2019  has not run for many years I purchased it 2 years ago , was a little ruff , putting it together  i

cota 200 feb 2019 001.JPG

cota 200 feb 2019 002.JPG

cota 200 feb 2019 003.JPG

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Rebuilt 18 wheel  took a while find good rim match spokes , and lace it up  and true  , surprised it pretty straight  my 3 rd  wheel rebuilt  cost , to much , got burnt on seller sold me a hammered bent rim  ebay from Sniley in oregon , think he had an attitude , or is a drunk ho well lost 100  usd  rim is in the used pile ,  hodaka wheels are getting costly ,  new rims and spokes from  Asia  cost 300 usd  then put it all together ,  it’s at standard size now 21 front 18 rear  new tires  and tubes 

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