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    Skewbridge Rushden

    The land is not for sale and has been under the same ownership for 10 years. The site was originally going to be Office based with a 200 hundred bedroom hotel but the master plan was chopped and changed and is now final. A 200 bedroom hotel and a retail park like cheshire oaks in the north comprising of designer outlets and resturants. The land where the lakes are all SSSI which give protection to protected species like the Newt, nattejack toads and many of the thistles that grow on there. Hope that clears it up. Jason
  2. nvf

    Skewbridge Rushden

    Another ten years....the planning permission expires in febuary......so what do you think will happen next???? I will tell you, the Ski slope is going......FACT!
  3. nvf

    Skewbridge Rushden

    HI Chaps The reason I posted on here was because there is a post about a oing on there to practice. I just wanted to let you know in case there are any that do use the site which is being developed in the near future. Jason
  4. Hi Fellas Jason Clarke here from Rushden Park and Lakes who are the sole owners of the land some of you may frequent on your bikes. As from last week we have had no alternative but to inform the authorities about illegal activities taking place on our land and issueing section 59's of the road traffic act. You may not be aware but the damage being caused around the lakes has now gone to far and action will be taken. It would have been ok if the riders stayed out of the woods and from driving around the lakes but this is not enough for some people so you will all be penalised by this. They land being chewed up is SSSI and is tantamount to criminal damage. The police have started to hand these to some of the 4 x 4 drivers on there and if you get one and are caught again it will result in confisgation of your vehicles. I thought I would give you a heads up as I have already done on the Northants 4x4 forum. 59 Vehicles used in manner causing alarm, distress or annoyance (1) Where a constable in uniform has reasonable grounds for believing that a motor vehicle is being used on any occasion in a manner which- (a) contravenes section 3 or 34 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 (c. 52) (careless and inconsiderate driving and prohibition of off-road driving), and ( is causing, or is likely to cause, alarm, distress or annoyance to members of the public, he shall have the powers set out in subsection (3). (2) A constable in uniform shall also have the powers set out in subsection (3) where he has reasonable grounds for believing that a motor vehicle has been used on any occasion in a manner falling within subsection (1). (3) Those powers are- (a) power, if the motor vehicle is moving, to order the person driving it to stop the vehicle; ( power to seize and remove the motor vehicle; © power, for the purposes of exercising a power falling within paragraph (a) or (, to enter any premises on which he has reasonable grounds for believing the motor vehicle to be; (d) power to use reasonable force, if necessary, in the exercise of any power conferred by any of paragraphs to (a) to ©. (4) A constable shall not seize a motor vehicle in the exercise of the powers conferred on him by this section unless- (a) he has warned the person appearing to him to be the person whose use falls within subsection (1) that he will seize it, if that use continues or is repeated; and ( it appears to him that the use has continued or been repeated after the the warning. (5) Subsection (4) does not require a warning to be given by a constable on any occasion on which he would otherwise have the power to seize a motor vehicle under this section if- (a) the circumstances make it impracticable for him to give the warning; ( the constable has already on that occasion given a warning under that subsection in respect of any use of that motor vehicle or of another motor vehicle by that person or any other person; © the constable has reasonable grounds for believing that such a warning has been given on that occasion otherwise than by him; or (d) the constable has reasonable grounds for believing that the person whose use of that motor vehicle on that occasion would justify the seizure is a person to whom a warning under that subsection has been given (whether or not by that constable or in respect the same vehicle or the same or a similar use) on a previous occasion in the previous twelve months. (6) A person who fails to comply with an order under subsection (3)(a) is guilty of an offence and shall be liable, on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale. (7) Subsection (3)© does not authorise entry into a private dwelling house. (8) The powers conferred on a constable by this section shall be exercisable only at a time when regulations under section 60 are in force. (9) In this section- "driving" has the same meaning as in the Road Traffic Act 1988 (c. 52); "motor vehicle" means any mechanically propelled vehicle, whether or not it is intended or adapted for use on roads; and "private dwelling house" does not include any garage or other structure occupied with the dwelling house, or any land appurtenant to the dwelling house. Please take notice of this as I don't want any of you getting in strife with the Police who are taking this very serious. Regards Jason
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