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  1. Glad the old Aprilia TXT was put to good use lol
  2. When we started the MWVTA I was not sure we had the numbers to support it. The first event only had 11 riders, but as they say build it and they will come. All it takes is for two or three guys that can dedicate the time and energy to promote it and I do believe the riders will support it. In my humble opinion Vintage Trials is were growth will come for the trials community. PM me if you want info on how we got started.
  3. My old stomping grounds, lived on the Ohio side of the river in the Ironton area. Still have some family in the area.
  4. Good area for vintage events. ITSA does a lot of events check them out at www.twinshock.org If you get out west the Mtn. West Region of ITSA has a 17 trial series this year. www.mtwestvintagetrials.org
  5. Lots of vintage events, were are you located?
  6. Updated our schedule, added the June trials.
  7. Updated our schedule, added the July trials.
  8. 76ty175

    No Stop Rule

    Looking forward to the May trials!!!
  9. 2013 schedule April 13 & 14 San Ysidro, NM May 18 & 19 Turkey Rock, CO June 22 & 23 Corral Bluffs, CO July 6 & 7 Sipapu, NM Aug. 10 & 11 Dolores, CO Aug. 31 Sep 1 & 2 Casper, WY Oct 5 & 6 Cleveland, OK Nov 9 & 10 Roswell, NM Best 7 rides count for year end awards.
  10. I see he gave you the hard job
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