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  1. Thanks for the replies, was a bit worried being a new member that it may have got a slating. As for 'Which' that's a nice thought not sure I would be much good as it would only be about products I'm currently interested in Hopefully though as someone pointed out it will help summarise the reviews from peoples own experiences. Well the boots have arrived, that's Monday as trial and enduro said, (definately be using them again) they look great in my opinion. Had a quick try on checking the fit on my right foot as it is slightly bigger oddly, sizing is good and the same as all my other shoes/boots. They feel really good, comfy and secure but protective, definately seem well made and of high quality. They offer ankle movement up and down quite freely, this may improve even more with time, but feel solid/secure in sideways direction as if well protected against a twisted ankle. So far so good, in my opinion I think I have a really good boot does seem though that perhaps all these boots are a bit overpriced but I guess it's not the biggest market. For a mid priced boot I am very happy, does make me want to see the differnce in quality over the gaernes now just to compare Anyway I will try them out tonight and see if they make me into a trials god...... yeah right. I will post my report and will watch out for the lower buckles. Pete.
  2. I ordered them from trialendurodirect.com, I think they are GAS GAS UK or atleast thats what they say on the phone. I had originally ordered a Nitro Lampkin helmet from them online, but wanted to add the boots to the order so called them. Must say they are extremely helpful and have recieved very good service so far. Also on a plus note all orders over
  3. After trawling through all the threads about 'Which Boot' to go for I have finally decided to try out the Novogar in Nabuk/Red. I am new to trials and have obviously no preference or anything to go by, meaning i would have to make a decision on recommendations and reviews alone. From what i could gather this is the conclusions I came up with in each brand. Gaerne - Top quality brand, really well made. The model choice is either: Oiled leather (
  4. Hi, After years and years of desperately wanting to go from bike to motorbike trials i have finally done it and got a Gas Gas 280 Pro Raga! How unbelievably more awesome it is than i even thought it would be. I'm completely hooked and desperate to get the hang of this, bike trials helps but its still another kettle of fish altogether or atleast it is to someone that has never ridden a motorbike before. Anyway i'l be searching through all the posts for great tips and advice with all the common beginner questions. Looks like a great forum, dont worry ive been a member of quite a few and know how to use the search button....
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