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  1. HI All As you can see from the old mans picture I did indeed spend last Friday with Mick, to try and get a grip of these single cylinder machines (normally ride a V-twin!) Ive put up a report and pictures at the Classic Trials Show site under the News section. Take a look and let me know what you think! Cant wait to give it another go and Thanks very Much Mick and Alan. Regards Lee
  2. Hi All Brilliant find! I am about to spend a couple of days with Mick, to learn all about riding classic trials bikes, so this is good research. Unlike my old man and uncle, my motorbike experiance up to now has been long distance touring, like my last trip around the coast of Iceland ( and no, I didnt set the b***dy volcano off!!). Admittedly I have ridden BMX and Bicycle trials, but I cant wait to swing my leg over one of our Ariels and wind it up! I might even enter the open trial at our event, if I have enough time! Cheers Lee
  3. Hi Legs Mainly yes. We want to celebrate classic British four strokes, but we are having a small invited 2-stroke class each day in the trial to show off some pretty interesting early bikes. We are also running a couple of showing classes which I will be detailing on the website tomorrow, so I cant vouch for what people bring along to that. We have some pretty special bikes already confirmed as coming and we have been able to reunite some bikes with thier original riders over the weekend which will be really interesting. Is there anything specific you would want to see? Cheers Lee
  4. The Classic Bikes Trials Show is coming to the heart of the Midlands at Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire on 21st & 22nd August 2010. The inaugural Classic Bikes Trials Show will host the UK
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