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  1. I assume the dealer that sold the bike did the modification as the original owner said it was like that when he purchased the bike new. Like Big John said, the swing arm does not have the reinforcing like the 199A but the rest of it looks exactly like my friends 199A when we put them side by side. Thanks Big John for the input. Now its time to start enjoying the bike and compete in some local vintage trials.
  2. Need some help figuring out what I have. I know its a 1978 Bultaco 199 but I have some confusion because of the frame. I purchased the bike a few months ago from the original owner in Colorado. It had the original Colorado title issued in July, 1978 with the proper VIN # that matches the frame and the engine. My problem is that the frame looks like a 199A. It has the aluminum skid plate, split rear swing arm, etc... I have a friend that owns a 1979 Bultaco 199A and the frames are identical. One person told me it was a Sammy Miller frame but don't those have an SM Serial #? Mine has the standard Bultaco JB-199032XX with a matching serial # on the engine. Were there a few 1978 199's sold with an optional frame? Any help would be greatly appreciated. As I said, it was purchased from the original owner who purchased it from a Bultaco dealer in Boulder and he verified it is exactly as he purchased it. [/uR
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