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  1. Hi from Perth Scotland I just recently took a notion to give trials a go. I'm on the wrong side of 50 (just !). I had a twin shock Fantic many years ago which was an unreliable disaster and I never used it much as never found anywhere convenient to do so. That makes me a complete no-clue-newbie with only a recollection of how hard it was and without the benefit of growing up with BMX's or doing mountain bike tricks ! Not sure if I am mad , stupid or both I'll hang around and pick up some tips. The idea is to pick up a 2nd hand bike and see if I can get to grips with things. Info on anywhere to practice in the Perth area would be really useful. I have info on the Fife and Montrose clubs (I know there is one in Perth also but can't find a website) but I quite like the idea of making a fool of myself in private ..... at the start at least ! Ian
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