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  1. I think it' like annodising. I have just ordered a pair from Italy and i have fitted the s3 front pipe at present but the shop in italy has a second hand full arrow system second hand for 500 euro which is a good deal will have come off one of the ttt bikes. You can get the black rear mudguard from them also...
  2. Yes the new one is the morad rim. I think i will buy a full back wheel as opposed to getting it laced as i want to still have a spare. I have currently changed the shock for an olle shock black on the rear and i'm away to put the ttt front forks and yoke on looking to dip the frame and swing arm black also all work i will do before Jan. I was looking at Jack or Alexz bike for sale through bosi offroad italy but i'm just going to pimp mine up and when i re new next year will take my parts off again....
  3. Does anyone know where i can have a d i d rear wheel made for my evo 09 and where you can get an upgrade on the front brake to a nissin system
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