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  1. My son broke his kickstart return spring on Saturday. I have opened the casing and removed the spring for replacement. Does anyone have a diagram of how it should go together again? I have left the hydraulic clutch mechanism in place and the fluid line connected to save bleeding. can I rebuild this way or do I need to disconnect?
  2. Tale of woe! (but ok in the end) decided to take the clutch out,clean, emery and replace with new oil. Managed to snap one of the spring bolts off by overtightening it. Luckily my bike mechanic mate rescued it for me and I rebuilt it. Clutch now working fine, just need to find somewhere to ride now 8-)
  3. Hi, just got my TYZ250 fired up. It's been sitting unused for a year. The clutch wouldn't disengage then after a good long warm up and some lever manipulation it did disengage.....now it won't engage! Ist just sticky from storage? will an oil change sort it or do I need to get inside to have a look?
  4. Hi, Davidp92 from Belfast here. Driving to Dublin tomorrow to pick up a Yamaha TYZ250. Sold my Montesa 348 after 10 years of fun in 1995. Bought my 8 yr old son a gas gas 50 last year and realised he needs a pal to ride with if he's going to pick anything up. Couldn't afford to buy one for myself however and then.......a friend from Cork gave me his bike as he wasn't using it. Thanks Donagh. Looking forward to getting back in the saddle (or out of the saddle actually as it is trials.) Been riding road bikes in the meantime. Anyone know where to ride around Belfast (I live beside Cavehill but I believe people aren't happy if you ride on the mountain any more!)
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