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  1. If I change the points and condenser do I then need to check and or set the timing again?
  2. G'day stork Well the plug was out between events and looked fine so I am not sure the mix is the problem but I am open to suggestions. Taking it out tonight it was pretty oily but I think that's coz I never got it started. What you thinking?
  3. Thanks folks, Yes the plug cap 'seems' fine - all the electrical bits were new in the last 18 months, thats not to say something is amiss and i am thinking there must be an electrical fault somewhere. Just been out and it wouldn't start cold this time either - but have put a new plug in and it started fine. What is the cost/difficulty of fitting electronic ignition Bruno?
  4. Hi folks...help! Last couple of events i've done, bike has started fine when cold...out the garage. But during the day, when i've stopped and switched off between sections its pig to restart. I notice i hear a loud electrical 'crack' when it fires from cold, and never get the same later during the day. when i hear the crack it inevitably starts. When running its fine, usually ticks over though occasionally dies on tick over when hot. I am definitely no expert so any explanations please keep simple. Many thanks Jim - with sore right leg...
  5. I'm in Lifton - Launceston - yourself?

  6. its a 1976 and the distances are about 60-90 miles with road work between sections. my top speed at mo is 35-40 mph but its working the engine too hard and i can't bear it! i dont want to go much faster, just take it easier on the engine but still be able to ride steep off-road sections
  7. jimmer

    Exhaust Baking

    i reckon they'd go well with a bit of salad and some barbeque sauce
  8. Hi, My TY175 is standard i think, but i am using it for long distance trials and could see a benefit for taller gears for the road work. I could change up the front sprocket from 13 to a max of 17 - anyone have any experience on what would work? Also are there implications for a new sprocket meeting an old chain, and would i need to shorten the chain? cheers
  9. Thanks again Pete! You mentioned taller gears, and having done my first trial, for the road work taller gears would help! I think mine has a 13t front cog, not sure about the back but it would be standard. If i put a larger front cog on what should i go up to do you think? max i can get is 17t. Also are there issues running a new cog on an old chain?
  10. Hello! I see you ride a ty175 too. Be good to catch up sometime

  11. Unfortunately they are too far, but thanks. I have a question though: i am a bit confused by the number of governing bodies. My local club is AMCA, but there is another that is ACTC and there is ACU and MCC....what does it all mean? if i were to join a club what would be best?!
  12. If you happen to look at this link again - that was one of the best days' fun i have had in a long time - i can thorough;y recommend kit. And the advice on tyres and mapholder were spot on. The other advice - well i didn't ask anyone out or fight, i was too busy trying to stay on my bike...
  13. thanks for the advice and pep talk....
  14. Hi , I have my first LDT this weekend. Feeling nervous. Having spoken to the organiser she assured me i'd be ok; there is a small girl riding a big bike staring behind me and she is ok. I am a big bloke on a small ty175, i think i will just look funny if nothing else. Anyway what should i know? Any tips? Biggest question is tyre pressures - do i have a set pressure for the day with road work and sections, or pump them up and let them down as i go - and what pressures should i use? cheers
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