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  1. Hi all, just rebuilding my Frontera 152 engine, I'm using the Inmotion Italkit piston and crank set, new rod too. There are two piston rings - a chrome one and a black one. Which one is the upper and which is the lower? I've emailed Inmotion but sounds like he's super busy... and can't reply before Tuesday anyway... just trying to get a headstart. Ta.
  2. Thnks Stuart... good idea. Will check
  3. Thanks SS, I’m getting plenty of power. Not sure the split mount is even affecting the running. It’s as if full throttle uses all the fuel in the float bowl, then refills by the time I come to a halt and kickstart. Starts first kick. Carb’s off now getting a blow through, new mount ordered. I do drain all petrol out when I put it away including draining the carb. So may be some dried fuel on the float needle? Hopefully a clean up will fix it.
  4. Evening all. Riding the Frontera round the fields today, all was fine til I opened it up - good for a couple of hundred yards then it cut out. Started immediately. then good for another coupla hundred yards. Then cuts out again. If I pootle along the bike will go on forever. Felt like fuel starvation. Took the carb off and all looked good, felt like a sticky float valve but all looked good. Then... spotted a split in the 'rubber' manifold connector. Question: would this air leak give the symptoms? Would have thought the bike would rev up or cut out at low revs but ticks over smoothly forever. Thoughts?
  5. Mike, the Orlando link paid off. Bit of a wait but got one in the end. Thanks Paul
  6. sadlotus

    Alpina Mod 99

    Ditto condenser, Does it backfire, pop and bang? Hesitate and surge? Condenser. Also, opinion seems to be to relocate it under the tank in the airflow. Good luck.
  7. Hi Graham, thanks for the confirmation. yes it would be easier via an email BUT you're right, it's a lot of pages to scan! Inmotion don't have one, I haven't tried Weavers or any other US suppliers, but will now. If I'm unsuccessful can I come back to you and ask your friend to scan it? I can Paypal a few beer vouchers to ease the strain. Thanks again Paul
  8. 213 views and no comments ....does anyone know if they did they do a handbook for the Frontera Mk9?
  9. Does anyone have a Frontera 152 - 1976 250 Frontera - handbook? I've got the parts book and a load of articles, I'm just after the Instruction Manual. I've been through the various download sites and can't seem to find one for the 152 - plenty for other models, not the 143/152 models. A scanned version or borrow to scan would be excellent. many thanks Paul
  10. er yes.. I meant drained out 1.... That was a test.
  11. Hi all Back again. Thanks for all your help and explanations. Took the side cover off and sat looking at the clutch for an hour working out what pushes what etc. Had a chat with the local Bultaco/Greeves/BSA engine builder and racer he suggested just winding the nuts off a couple of turns and see what happens. Yeah - why not!. There are six plates on my clutch. The actuating rod, lever, cable were all good and moved nicely. Took off the clutch arm return spring - the clutch was 'closing' well enough without help from a strong spring as well. Wound the nuts off a couple of turns - from about 6-7 mm threads showing, to about 3-4mm showing. Spun it over with the kickstarter looking for runout (very difficult to see any - if any) Started it with no cover and rode a few yards to see if I could make the clutch slip. Seemed fine. Wiped off the thrown oil! and back together, new ATF and away we went. Much better, nicer action - not light as the 325 but very much improved. I wasn't thinking how heavy the clutch was every time I used it or came to a stop. Had a great time ripping across the stubble. did about 8 miles. No slipping. Great. Ahem. One thing did surprise me. I put three litres in and drained two out. That's 2 litres for 8 miles. That's 1 litre for 4 miles That's 4.5 litres (gallon) for 18 miles mmm... 18MPG! thanks again Paul
  12. Hi all I didn't change my clutch at resto time on my Frontera and it's heavy as a heavy thing, really pumps my forearms. I was also looking at more modern materials. Larry, my Sherpa 325 has a lovely clutch - original clutch - You're suggesting replacing the current (don't know how many) with just four on the Frontera. The 325 had the pin and cup arrangement - the Frontera has the nuts setup. (nuts and bolts... that is). Will the clutch really be up to it with just four plates? Thanks for any info Paul
  13. sadlotus

    Romero Motos

    Yes I've used them. They had something I couldn't find anywhere else..... and still have a few I STILL can't find elsewhere. Wouldn't take paypal or card. Bank transfer was expensive. Good otherwise. ps.... never been there, maybe I will. Paul
  14. sadlotus

    Points Setting

    OK. Hope no one out there is bored with this yet. ...not you Larry - I can tell. Funny how you sleep on things and they come to you in your dreams. In all my years of playing with old cars and bikes - all those Minis, Anglias, Corvairs and Lotus’ I’ve never come across a sparkplug that suddenly gave up living - outside the cylinder head. Yesterday was the first time I’d ever experienced it. Then B40Rt mentioned the condenser - and others said to put it under the tank with the coil, Sherpa325 mentioned ‘a faulty one can give a nice healthy looking spark when cranking the engine over yet cause problems when the engine actually runs’ I remember problems in the past with dodgey condensers/capacitors and points, and how they can give a healthy spark out in the open but give up under the pressure of having to fire an engine. And... the fact that it ran well for a while then deteriated. And... as Larry and Lorenzo said - unlikely to be the carb so now is probably not a good time to change things. So... Changed the whole stator for the one off the Sherpa that now has Electronic Ignition. Nice new points and condenser, and nice new felt wad oiler - only three wires instead of four but the red was never used/wired in anyway. Redid points and timing. Bit of a problem getting enough retardation. So turned stator fully anticlockwise and redid the points (after thinking about 2stroke4stroke’s comments) and this (I found) gave me just enough to get the timing right. First kick - MASSIVE BACKFIRE - dammit! Third kick, started and ticked over - once again - a bit late for the children next door, so let it run just for two minutes, sounded so much better. That backfire was probably/hopefully all the petrol I’d been pumping into the exhaust during the ‘no starts’ the last few days - it certainly woke all the dogs up! Over the last couple of days I’ve fettled the tools I use - I now have a nice homemade magneto holder and the dial guage sits nicely in the plughole... Also a picture from sunnier times ...October. Thanks for all your help - if everything is as good as I hope (Idon’t count chickens until.. etc etc) I’ll try and put a vid up. thanks all, lots of good info out there and I'm upping my knowledge... continually.... until it leaks out with age. Paul PS Larry, you mentioned that you can leave the condenser behind the stator and wire in another one up by the coil - so - there'll be two wired into the points... is that what you meant?
  15. sadlotus

    Points Setting

    Nope - but will tomorrow Also, the plug I'm using is an NGK B8ES which isn't the equivalent for WHAT THE MANUAL SAYS... Should be Champion N57R which equates to NGK B10EG Admittedly the N57R is an old plug.
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