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  1. Quick update. Stu was spot on with the area of the problem. After takingh the cover off I could see the 4 bolts holding the gear change mechanisum were almost falling out. I took it apart and but it didn't really neeed cleaning. Reassembled and put some locktight on the bolts. All working again now EXCEPT I seem to be only getting first, neutal or second. Nothing higher. Not too worried about that today as I want to have a go in a local trial with a mate tomorrow so first will do for me. I'll take it apart next week and see if I can fix that. Thanks Stu !
  2. Thanks Stu. I drained the oil from both clutch and gearbox. There was almost none in there and the gear oil was very brown with water. I managed to get it working again by giving the end of the gear selector shaft a couple of medium force whacks with a rubber mallet. Refilled with new oil and started it up, but it very quicky stopped selecting gears again. I drain again and have a look at what you recommend.
  3. Hi, new member and first post, so here goes. Just purchased a 1981 MH349. Bit scruffy and didn't want to start but it was a cheap bike to see if I could do this trial thing. I would guess it hasn't been used for a couple of years. Got it running OK. New plug, fuel and a minor carb refurb. Was running it up and down my quiet steep drive to check out the fueling, still not sure that it is setup right, but after a couple of hours of stopping and starting it's now stuck in first gear. Whatever I do it feels like the gear change lever is not doing anything. Any idea what to do? I don't know if the oil is any good. Is it worth changing that first? I see there is two filler screws (cluth and gearbox?), do I need to refresh both seperatly. pointer on volume and type would be appricated. Thanks in advance. Roger
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