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  1. nigel28

    Honda Engines

    Hi mate you can tell if you start the tlr 200 up and get it warm ,get a long screw driver and put the blade to the side of the barrel near to cam chain and do the same near the bootom end and put the handle to your ear and you will tell noise travels up the shaft hope this helps mate
  2. nigel28

    Cylinder Head Bolts

    if you was closer to me i would have told you to bring it to me i would have done that for you mate free,if you knock a torx bit in and give it a thump using a impact driver they do help you mate
  3. Hi mate yes 05 onwards uses mineral oil in the clutch.and as far as bleeding you must always back bleed a clutch on a gas gas you will need to take the top of the slave make sure oil is low as when you force the oil back it will fill up, use a shringe with a piece of rubber hose on so it will fit on the bleed screw open bleed screw force oil back up to the top hope this helps mate.
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