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  1. roofis303

    Out Today

    noise came back today only seems to do it when the bike is hot or after some hard trials doing my box in
  2. roofis303

    Out Today

    your name says it all pal . dundee omg
  3. roofis303

    Out Today

    its annoyed me that i can't find what the noise was anyway its gone just now i am sure it will pop its head up again
  4. roofis303

    Out Today

    checked the clutch last night and the water pump also / the bike has stopped making this noise it is a whining noise and not a scrapping noise . anyway it has gone just now not sure what it was
  5. roofis303

    Out Today

    it happens when the bike is sitting out of gear also so its not the back wheel i don't no what to look at first think i will give lampoons a call see if they can help
  6. roofis303

    Out Today

    took flywheel cover of all looks good in there . what do u think i should try now . i need help hear guys a bit stuck what to look at first .
  7. roofis303

    Out Today

    time for a strip down . the bike is whining when i ride it and its quite loud any ideas
  8. roofis303

    Out Today

    was out on the beta evo 09 today everything was fine til i started hearing a slight sound of something scrapping inside the engine . the engine still runs the same but i hear a grinding sound coming from the engine and it don't normally sound like that . i have plenty of oil in the bike . what do u think i should do take the head of the bike and inspect or anything else cheers
  9. roofis303

    2 Stroke Mix

    62 ml the guy who i bought the bike from said 80ml
  10. roofis303

    2 Stroke Mix

    hi guys what sort of 2 stroke r u running in your bike as i have run out and need to buy more whats best to use in my 09 evo , i got half a bottle from the guy i bought the bike from putoline strawberry cent . what r all u guys using in your bikes . i have been putting in 80mil to 5L petrol what r u guys running cheers
  11. roofis303

    Air Mixture

    beta evo 290 what is the settings for the air mix is it one and a half turns out from right in cheers
  12. can't get onto the beta uk site as its down for repair just now anyone got a contact number for the shop cheers
  13. i was thinking the same thing change the radiator cover i can't seem to fine one anywhere any suggestions to where i can get a black one
  14. roofis303


    any type of tyre u recommend michelin and what size
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