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  1. Here is a pic of the foil in question. I want to make sure that it goes on correctly. Please help!
  2. Hello, Im happy to say I finally got my new Montesa Repsol. I was wondering if anyone out there could help me. It the Decal pack there are a couple of foil heat deflectors. One with a padded side, and one just foil with a square hole notched out of it. I assume it goes between the muffler and the carbon outer plate. My questions is, is there any reference or way of knowing how the heck these go on correctly? In addition to this any pointers, or tips that would be good for a new Montesa owner to know about this bike? Thanks!
  3. Sounds fun paulmc. (no pun intended.) Hope you can get out there. Keep the rubber down
  4. Tried a new plug, same dealio. Sorry thought I mentioned it.
  5. Possibly? The engine looks identical, I actually went off the Sherco manual when looking into things. If the Sherco has issues, then the Scorpa probably does? Hopfuly they can figure it out if this seems to happen allot. Could be a great bike in the end.
  6. Wow that's looking fantastic! Certainly worth the effort. How do you like the Termi exaust? Hows the sound and the feel of it now?
  7. Hmm interesting, good way to drop some weigh for sure.
  8. LOL sounds good I already have my Banyer's account. Im a huge tech junky and love building mods for my bikes. Can't wait to tweek and twiddle on it to get things really humming. Just wish I didn't have to wait 4 weeks for her to come in! Worth it though, its 2200 to get it here by jet. Less then half of that by boat. Apperently bikes have been upgraded to (Dangerous goods). I would like someone to explain to me how a bike with no gas or oil in it is able to explode. Oh well, something to look forward to. Going to ride the p*** out of this thing. lol
  9. Thanks JJ65! Awesome info and thank you. I'm saving all your points for reference. This is my first full trials bike, last thing I rode was a KTM 530, and I rode her hard. Will be good to switch gears. (pun) Seems everyone that rides Montesa loves them, I'm sure I will too. I bombed around on my buddies Gas Gas raga a bit and it was fun, but all the maintanance stuff steered me towards Montesa. Not too worred about the weight. Way I see it if I master a heavier bike, makes me that much stronger a rider. ;P One thing I would say would be nice is if all this RnD that Montesa/Honda pumps into their Team bike were to trickle down to there replica. They seem so far apart, at least offer these nifty inovations as an upgrade to the Montesa fans. It's shamefull what I've spent on suspention upgrades on other bikes. Give me a chance would be fun to do it with the Montesa
  10. Well said Artie, and figured more or less that's the deal. From what I've seen the 4RT has endless power, and seen amazing things done with the bike. Of course its all about the rider. Once I get mine im going to see what parts can be created lighter might build some Magnesium componets. (I run some cnc Machinery at home.) I get some good prices on Magnesium billet. The new stuff is gool to about 20% lighter the Aluminum and less likely to catch fire. A dream come true.
  11. LOL doesn't phase me much. I figured he would have custom stuff all over the place. Can it be 100k thought? How the hell do you fit that kind of money in there. Diamond laced clutch cover? More importantly what are the major differences?
  12. Hey all! Very excited about a new Montesa Repsol I just ordered. Just for fun, I was wondering if anyone knew how diferent the Repsol Replica was from the actuall factory bike. I know the Gas Gas Raga replica is fairly true to the factory bike is this the same for Montesa? Also for those that have been running a Repsol what do you thing of it? This would be my first 4stroke trials bike, I'm curius to know more about it. I have to wait about 4 weeks for mine to show up. :/ Cheers!
  13. Perhaps your right about not running the bike at the factory to phase out any issues like this. I honestly don't know the protocal. @Ridgrunr, certainly a good point. That was one of the first things I tried actually. I pulled the fuel line off the shut off valve on the tank and ran a hose off it into a cherry can. Opened it up and fuel was flowing just fine. Tested the vent at the top, checked it and all looked good. Then I pulled apart everything from the tank down to the carb. Opened it up pulled everything apart down to the last needle. All clear as a bell. Floats moved smoothly and confirmed the float hight. Float needle smooth as silk. Nice little carb actually. Put it all back together and fired it up same thing. As soon as I feel the engine getting warm she dies. I let it cool and tried this about 6 more times. Same thing. I actually just returned the bike yesterday and have made a switch to another brand. Not because I think Scorpa suck, just because I used it as an excuse to go and order my first choice. Which I will have in 4 weeks. Hopeully. :/ I'm going to check in with the mechanic and find out what it was. I'll post it and let all the folks know here!
  14. That sounds about right. I think the first two stalls were coincidence. I did a few tests with just keeping the bike on level ground and putting around in circles till the bike warmed up. Then it would stall out and stay that way for about 30 mins. It could be the Stator? I've actually never had an issue with a stator, and cant even fathom why it only fails when the engine runs for about 5 minuets. Seems that kind of issue would be present with a cold or warm engine. also how can Scorpa let a bike go with an issue like that? Don't they run the engine before it goes out the door to make sure stuff like this doesn't happen? The whole thing stinks really, kind of turned me off to Scorpa all together.
  15. I think you may be right Zerorev. The symptoms are the same, run for about 5 minuets. Then she dies. Seems to be when the engine warms up. When the engine does quit it does it quick, about 1 to 1.5 seconds. Then its a paper weight for about half hour before I can get it started again. Not very impressed with this machine.
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