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  1. The bike worked fine with sla batts but run time was dire. When the last ones went bad I bought this li ion battery pack. The bike went OK on the first charge with this pack but then started this issue. Charge the pack, plug it in. Sometimes it stays on and you can get a couple of minutes run time before it cuts out. Most of the time you hear the relay click on (measures 42v at the battery) then it clicks off straight away (measures 3.5 ish v at the battery) and the lights on the throttle go out, relay clicks out. Is it a bms issue perhaps? I have been through and cleaned up all the connections/ relay contacts etc and checked wiring continuity.
  2. Not worth sending back tbh as shipping is difficult and expensive. Should be ok with that spec power wise?
  3. Hi there Having issues with using this battery pack in a 36v oset 16. Details below 36V 10ah Li-ion Battery 10S 4P for 350W~750W Built-in 15A BMS 36 volt 10ah lithium battery. With 36 / 42v 2A charger Battery parameters: Battery type: 36V 10ah Rated capacity (ah): 10ah Rated voltage (V): 36v Technical description: 3.7V 18650 battery Unit combination: 4-parallel 10-series Battery size: 70 * 85 * 190mm (± 2mm) Number of batteries (parallel * series): 40. Discharge voltage (V): 30 + / -1v Charging voltage (V): 42v Rated discharge current (a): 15а Instantaneous maximum discharge current (a): 30A Maximum continuous discharge current (A): 15a Charging method: CC / CV Standard charging current (A): 2A Standard charging current charging time :4h Maximum continuous current charging (A): 5A Quick current charging time :2 hours Charging temperature range :0-45℃ Discharge temperature range :-20-60℃ Battery weight: about 2kg Its only a cheapo Chinese job but its annoying none the less! The battery cuts out as soon as you switch it on. Battery output drops from 42v to 3.6v or thereabouts. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Arran
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