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  1. Update: so I managed to get it stripped down and cleaned this afternoon. I did find that the main pilot jet was partially blocked 2 of the 4 little holes on the side. Also as you quite rightly say that exact o ring was slightly damaged so I replaced it. Rebuilt and fitted back to carb set it at 3.5 turns out. To my untrained ear it seems to run well at 3 and a quarter turns out and revs up very well in the garage the true test will be to get it out for a test run.
  2. As above looking for some help. My missus bike is a 2003 pro 200 running a Dellorto phbl26 carb. Having many running issues. The bike often just stalls once returned to tick over I've turned the screw up to prevent this and it idles much quicker than Normal but still randomly dies. The biggest issue for her is that you must have throttle on to ride even on flat concrete you can't pop it in first and let it roll on Tick over it just lurches about and stops. I've tried playing with the carb but I'll be honest I don't know what I'm doing any help would be much appreciated as she is forever having to restart the bike and it's taking all the joy out of the bike thanks Mike
  3. Well I must say pears that Penney trick works a treat. I poured boiling water over the bearing and 2 hits on the penny and it was out .. Top tip cheers
  4. I've tried the expanding rawl bolt but I can't see how it works as the id of the spacer is smaller than the bearing so it grabs that first. And nelly1 do you mean place the wide end of a 3/8 socket onto the end of the spacer to drive the pop side bearing out?
  5. I've tried but the spacer is trapped right between the 2 bearings unfortunately.
  6. Having some issues trying to remove the old wheel bearing out of the rear when on a 2002 gasgas 200cc they have a spacer tube between the bearings so I can't in behind the bearings to drive them out. Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  7. magh

    Fork Caps Stuck Help

    After going and purchasing a 32mm spanner used for car viscus fans it worked a treat now I just can't get the new seals back in :-(
  8. Just purchased a 2002 gas gas 200 for the missus the forks seals were leaking so picked some new ones up today. Got the drain bolt out at the bottom fine and fluid out. Completly freed of the top yoke and I'm trying to undo the top cap to separate the forks but I can not shift them and ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks mike
  9. magh

    Milky Oil?

    See that's what I am suspecting I don't know the history and only changed the oil once and the little 90degree bend and breather pipe were missing when I got then bike so water may have got in. Think ill change it a second time and see how it goes. My thought are either yes it's frothing up from the gears or its the water displacing from the oil hence returning clear.
  10. magh

    Milky Oil?

    Pj1 sae75w ultralight that's what the local trial shop recommended
  11. magh

    Milky Oil?

    I changed my gearbox oil as it looked awful, since the change when you look through the sight glass it's clear but once running goes cloudy/milky then once left it returns back to clear now I'm unsure if there is water in there or not haven't noticed coolant levels drop? Or once settling is the oil and water separating hence the clear look. It's a 2003 txt pro 280 many thanks
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