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  1. when you say 'bike won't shift ' do you mean you cannot select any gear? if so yes i have just dropped my ossa exploere off at the dealer as the gearbox is stuck in a false neutral
  2. thanks richt - i already had a look in there - i was trying to search that section for 'new' ossa gearbox threads but could not really narrow in on anything - also i think it would be a good idea to have a twinshock and a mono shock ossa section as the bikes have nothing in common apartfrom the name the colour scheme and that they are made in spain
  3. sorry forgot to say i am in Bristol and bought my Ossa at BVM Stroud
  4. hi i treated myself to (in fact got my wife to buy me ) a new ossa explorer for my 50th - overall i think it is a great concept but i have had various niggles - more importantly the gearbox has just packed up - it would seem this is not an unknown issue but understandably one that is not publicized by ossa , national importers or local dealers?! where should i go in the forums to join a discussion of this or to start a new discussion? for those that are interested i am a crap rider (hence the topic title) with 1 years experience of trials and 2 years off road experience who is mechanically quite capable
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