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  1. Well after riding for about 5 mins it just loses revs and dies and there's nothing there wen u try to rev almost like it running out of fuel but its not and I've cleaned and checked the carb that's fine
  2. Hi guys I've got a gas gas txt pro 05 300 starts warms up and rides fine for about 5 mins then cuts out and won't start again until it cools down I've been told it could be the coil does anyone agree also is there a proper name for it? Any other info would be great Thank you
  3. Hi guys I'm looking on behalf of my uncle and he has just bought himself a ty250 and is in need of a new bash plate/gaurd can anyone please tell me where I can find one that would be great thank you
  4. Yeah the floats can't cut it of because its jammed open soon as the fuel comes through so how do I repair it or do I need to buy a new carb?
  5. It looks like it comes out to far and jams open
  6. Yeah ok just looked at it and it looks like it is jamming open witch is stopping it from closing and its not cutting off the fuel what could I do to stop this? Thanks
  7. Hi toke my gas gas txt pro 300 apart after my trial to give it a good clean put it back together and now when I turn the fuel on its leaks fuel out the join where the carburettor connects to the air box any ideas wot the problem could be or will I need a new carburettor if so anyone no where I can get one? Thanks
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