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  1. kt6877

    Exploded View

    Got it Thank you Martin!
  2. kt6877

    Exploded View

    Where can I get exploded view for 320 engine? Thanks advance
  3. Can't believe this!!! My 125 TL's factory sign was always hard to read. Now the frame was painted and I start to look that again. I did have to drill it off. Couldn't believe my eyes. Frame number 0002 !!!! It was very hard to take a picture of it. Moor to come! Seller of the number one told that one piston ring was missing. I did got box of brand new SWM spears whit number 2. I did start to look for a piston ring.. What did I find. Brand new piston whit the rings.
  4. Just got it yesterday. There is quite big crack on that outer shaft. It show badly in picture. I can try that lubrication. Do you mean like CRC or WD40 or some grease.
  5. The other parts are in boxes, there should be all there. It was took parts 10-15 years ago straight from drive. There is one issue what need to be fix. The kick start what ever it's called is cracked. (Photo) When you kick it will go from neutral to gear 2. What parts do I need for that?
  6. I did find this Tl 320 and have to get it tough I haven't finish my TL 125 yet. Look the frame number!! It is also in registration papers 0001. Is this the first one?
  7. kt6877


    Where to get these bushings? Are those made of rubber? Mine are hard as a rock.
  8. kt6877

    Inlet Rubber

    I need also one to my 125. If you find one let me know!
  9. Did find the code It is Rosso Pompeino / RAL 3020 Would you do me a favour tho and count the teeth on the rear sprocket please? There is 51 teeth...
  10. It was a barn find and I'm doing restoration now. It's been painted many times. Should be red and white? Any idea for color codes?
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