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  1. Hi All My mate has just bought a Gas gas TXT pro 300 2015, it was bought from a lady rider who I believe rode in some world rounds, so the bike is set up luvly. The issue we have is that the suspension was set up for her I would imagine she weighs 9 stone, my pal weight 13 stone. How do we get it back to factory setting? To we have set sag and if so what is best way to do this. Also he is just getting into to trials so he won't be doing any hopping around just yet, so we just need rebound to be slow I think. We obviously need to set front and back shocks. Any help would be very much appreciated! Cheers Mark
  2. Hi, I am getting back into trials after a long time away, looking forward to it. Not bought a bike yet but thinking about the New Montesa 260 4RT looks nice although a little heavier than other bikes, anyone got one yet? I live in Castleford can anyone recommend a decent place to practice, I know there is Bumpy which I will probably join, and I now there is a good place over at Scarborough if you join the Scarborough club, but is there any where else? Where is best place to buy a Montesa from New? is it possible to test drive or to they have any demo days coming up? look forward to your replys Cheers Mark
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