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  1. I know this subject has probably been discussed many times before, however i would like to put forward my observations on technique. Through forums etc i have been instructed to drop the knees forward to compress the front forks, and then to gently pull on the bars while transferring the weight over the back of the bike by straightening the knees. While gently pulling on the bars i find myself pulling myself forwards which is exactly the opposite to what i am trying to acheive. If however, i PUSH against the bars while straightening the knees my weight will automatically be transferred to the back of the bike.
  2. The bike is an Evo 250. How do i check the ground connection.
  3. Just recently fitted this kill switch instead of the standard Beta kill switch. For some reason it has suddenly stopped working. Tried all the standard connections without any success. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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