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  1. Hi all, i just bought by first Gas Gas, its a 2008 280 TXT Pro, the vin number is *VTRGG2802J1170311*, is this a 2008? Im struggling to find anything online to be able to work this out.. Thanks in advance Dave
  2. Thanks, for this. Very useful info; just what i was looking for, The technical download from the Hellteam mentions turning the damping adjuster clockwise until it stops but mine just keeps going. Does yours stop after 31 or so clicks like the document suggests? I think your right about the rear spring too, yesterday i was messing around and thought there might also be too much weight over the front so i checked my rear shock and the spring is fully adjusted / compressed. Still a fair bit of race sag tho, i'm going to adjust all this properly when i have the right spanners. Also the ignition timing tip is good, the bike does feel a bit docile so i'll look at that for definite! Much appreciated!
  3. My mates Gas Gas http://motorcycle-specs.com/motorcycle_specification.asp?manufacturer=Gas%20Gas&model=TXT%20200%20Pro&year=2005 My Scorpa http://motorcycle-specs.com/motorcycle_specification.asp?manufacturer=Scorpa&model=SY250&year=2007
  4. There is little noticeable difference in weight, checking the website http://motorcycle-specs.com confirms this, they quote my mates 2005 Gas Gas 200 TXT Pro as 69kg and my 2007 Scorpa SY250 as 69.9kg, the 0.9kg difference would not stop me being able to hop on the spot, since the front end seems to rebound instantly with no damping I'm sure that will have something to do with it, the question is how to fix it..... Thanks for the hint about front and rear working together i'll look into suspension set up / balance too
  5. I've just bought a 2007 SY 250 and it seems to handle weird, when i ride my mates 2005 Gas Gas i can balance and hop around on the spot but when i try on mine the forks seem to absorb all my effort and its difficult to get the front wheel off the ground. The forks don't seem to have any damping; they rebound real quick with no oil sound. i tried adjusting the rebound knob on the right leg but it just turns and turns (infinite number of clicks), i dropped the oil and plan replacing with fresh. Any ideas what this could be? there seemed to be plenty of oil although i didn't measure it. Also the engine makes a bit of a harmonic whining type noise.... Other than this i like the bike all seems good and thanks for any help!
  6. I'm new to trials riding and i've just bought a Scorpa SY250, it was sold as a 2007 how can i confirm it is an 07 and not an earlier model? Cheers
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