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  1. thanks. any possibility you share the sketch?
  2. Hi i am looking for the transmissions washers (parts 0764.106 and 0764.107) and clutch washer (part 0263.126) for Montesa cota 348. any idea where can i find?. else if anyone has the correct measure i can order them? thanks in advanced
  3. thats correct, on the bench and before clsoing checking all gears work, which is not the case with the first gear
  4. all back together including first gear and closing both engine covers. sprocket is not getting any traction
  5. Hi, i am assembling the gear box and having problems with the first and 4th gear: the one gear in the main shaft is a spin gear and has no slide gears close to engage and transmit movement to the countershaft. as a consequence when i get first in, no rotation is transmitted to the sprocket. any advice please?
  6. Hi, After opening the motor of a cota 348 i got a couple of washer that cannot identify. I think they are related to the part number 0263.013. But cannot find where it is the position to assembly and why two when in the manual is shown only one. Any help is welcome Thanks
  7. now fighting with the gearbox sprocket. removed the nut and washer and got the puller but it is not coming out. am i forgetting anything as the sprocket is not moving a millimeter? also the crankshaft is stuck to the left side of the crankcase (the right side come out very easily). Hammered on tip of shaft but not coming out. any advice? thanks again
  8. got th puller and manage to extract the primary gear. but there is a little metal plate welded to the crankshaft that prevents to fully remove the gear. the metal plate fits on the hole of the counterweight. any idea/sugestion? two pics below
  9. thanks very much. couldn't find post before. i got a 4" puller on eBay, too small, i am getting a bigger one my intention is to fully disassembly the engine, replace old parts and assembly again. first time for me, so hope will not end in a box to the garage
  10. Hi, trying to extract the counterweight and the clutch and i have some question: 1.- i guess i need a 2 leg extractor. any advice where to buy for this model? 2.- both nuts are out. do i have to remove any other element before? 3.- is counterweight first to be removed and then the clutch? advice please!! thanks in advanced
  11. Hi, i am trying to open the engine. removed head of cylindre but i cannot with the cylindre itself from the engine. There are 4 holes and i can see nuts inside close to the large screws where the head assemblies. any advice? Thanks
  12. got a new one and not sure about the switch on the right side of radiator with 2 positions: "0" and "1". change if maps? which one is each? nothing mentioned in owners manual. thanks
  13. done. the problem now is installing as the straight part of the spring is on the 6 and the hole is on the 12. tried getting just the beginning of the spring on the hole and moving the lever to its place but then the spring bends
  14. received springs and tried to fix but i couldn't. straight end fits on the hole but dont know how to fix the other end (on a U form)
  15. Thanks. i have ordered 2 of them and will try to change
  16. Hi, i've got a 348 malcom rathmell and when start the kick start doesnt return to the top position. i can return by hand and stays up but keeps free, easy to move to any position. thanks
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