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  1. I had mine re chromed by Bob from Stafford. He's very reasonable. Think that mine was about £25.
  2. Right, eventually found time to take off the carb....it measures 27mm!! There's a 3.0 stamped on the needle slide. Hopefully I've managed to add a few pictures. The only thing that I can find wrong is that the o ring which seals in the float chamber is perished. Also now that the tank is fitted the carb leaks! I've cleaned the float needle and housing so hopefully it's sorted. I'm still unsure where to adjust the mixture, is it the small screw to the right of the idle screw?
  3. No idea fourex, all that's on the carb is mikuni Japan and ISO. Then on the bit where the manifold bolts on is T77. On the top is MIC. Is there anywhere else to look?
  4. Cheers bulto58, the carb was on the bike when I bought it 3 1/2 years ago and it ran lovely. I'm just hoping that it isn't the crank seals that have gone causing it to run bad ?
  5. Clutch now sorted, the lever seemed loose as it waggled up and down but the bolt was in fact pinched up too tight! Sorry! Still having problems with the mikuni carb though.
  6. Sorry, the lever isn't too fastened on too tight. You can't feel anything!! It just pulls back, really stiff, then stays there. The only way that I can tell it's disengaging is that when you try to kick it over with the clutch lever in there's no compression. The carb is a mikuni.
  7. basketcase

    Ossa mar clutch

    Hi, after finally finishing the rebuild and starting it up I've a problem with the clutch. At first I thought that the plates were stuck together but it's the action that's the problem. I pull in the lever and it stays there until I manually pull it back. It's a new cable, so I don't think that's the problem. Any ideas gratefully welcomed. Also the carb seems to be in need of adjustment. There only seems to be one screw that I can see, it's on the l/h side of the carb but I thought that it was the idle adjustment. The bike starts fine but if I stop it and try to re start it won't unless I remove the plug and clean it. Help!!!
  8. Cheers but I think that I might have spoken too soon. Taken the carb apart, cleaned everything, put it back together but now it won't start!! I definitely re assembled it correctly so now unsure where to go now. There's a nice spark, fuel getting through. It's times like this that I miss an electric leg ?
  9. After rebuilding my mk 2, except the engine, I've finally kicked it up!!!! Can't believe it started after the 3rd kick. My only concern is that the clutch isn't working. The lever pulls in but stays there, are the plates stuck or is it something else?? I haven't tried putting it in gear yet as the tank isn't connected yet and it runs out of fuel pretty quick seeing as I'm only filling the carb. The bike has stood for over 3 years but ran lovely before I attacked it!!
  10. Please ignore me!!! I posted a similar question a few months back, only just realised! I blame the cold weather and age! Sorry ?
  11. Hi, hope someone can help me out!! I have a mk2 mar (75) and when I open the fuel tap the carb floods, i.e, fuel runs out of the float bowl. I take it that the gasket has perished but I can't find a supplier for a rebuild kit. Does anyone know of anywhere? Cheers in advance, Nigel.
  12. I'm dreading it!! Need to fill up with oil first and hope there aren't any leaks. And fit a new chain, new cables and a seat cover. So not long now!
  13. Thanks trialsrfun, I told you they were stupid questions!
  14. After almost 2 1/2 years rebuilding my '75 mar I'm almost nearing completion!! The spark plug in the bike is a Champion RN7YC and a NGK 6 ES came as a spare. What is the recommended (best) plug to put in? Now for the really stupid question.....how many gears should there be? I'm more used to jap and Brit bikes, well that's my excuse! Oh, and which way do they shift, 1st up or down? Cheers in advance.
  15. I wish it was just one day!! It seems to be every time I work on the thing! Makes working on old Brit bikes a walk in the park ?
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