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  1. clasico

    Start Woes

    Thanks dado, shall look into that
  2. clasico

    Start Woes

    My son's rev3 125 2006 is a pig to start once warmed. The bike goes pretty well but needs quite a few kicks to restart. We have recently replaced the barrel due to an overheat and revised the whole lot including carburettor cleaning and new plug but she is still refusing to start properly when hot. Any ideas?
  3. Just ordered 340 mm NJB experts and 410 mm magicals springs from Bultaco UK. I guess I'll have to put some long PVC spacers cause the original springs are about 475 mm. Anyone having installed this 410 mm magicals can give me some ideas? I'll change bars, bent the other day, and mudguards as well, want to keep the originals straight!
  4. Most definetely i've to replace rear shocks and fork springs, the bike feels like going on wooden blocks right now! I thing I'll go for NJB experts, been told that betors are crap More to come...
  5. Being new to betas i'm finding that my son's rev 3 125 fan rarely enters into action. Is that normal? The bike perfons ok and doesn't seem to overheat nor loses power but my gas gas fan runs much earlier and more often. What is your experience with beta fans?
  6. Hi bullylover, thanks for the ideas. For tbe time being i'm only doing a general maintenance service including clutch and brakes. The mech told me the engine sounds very well and new oil could make wonders with clutch and gears, also recommended to keep original amal after some cleaning. On sunday i'll compare to other same vintage bikes which i'm riding witha, and will get a better impresion about whta else is needed, possibly just shocks.
  7. Well dont rush with suggestions! I've taken the bike to a knowledgeable mech for a general maintenance to include new fluids, air filter, brakes, carburation and front suspension new oil. On sunday i'll go for a mornig ride with other classics, i cant wait!!, In the meantime i'd be grateful if you have any suggestions on carbs, shocks or any other, not expensive, tweak to make a kit campeon more rideable.
  8. Yeahhh i've reading everything i could on beta's clutch and it seems nothing else but the usual sticking plates on cold starting. BTW my little thing has wet the lining all over. Got to remember the closed position which i confused with reserve!
  9. Just bought a 2004 Beta rev 3 125 for my kids. When i picked it up everything went fine but neutral which was almost impossible to find. But the price was so good i went on and purchased it. Now back home I was showing the bike to my youngers and when i tried to declutch nothing, no clutch! After some attemps the clutch went ok to die again next time i started the bike. It is like something is not actuating on the clutch push rod and then comes in ok next time for no apparent reason. What that could be and how to fix it? It's scary if suddenly happens (no clutch) while the kids are learning to ride
  10. I did some 800 km yesterday to pick my new baby. A most original Sherpa T 350 model 125 (see pics in other post). Looks pretty good and strarts very well even after 4 years standing. It has the original amal which i plan to change for a newer one for smoother operation. Any carb recommendations? Gears enter ok but are a bit noisy (clanky). Hopefully some fresh oil will sort this out. The clutch lever goes like butter but do not engage totally. With full lever i've to brake to stop the bike. What should i do? My plan is to change shocks and front suspension. The engine was totally restored 5 years ago and has only done a few miles since or so the PO says. Sounds very well so it may be true
  11. I want my two kids aged 13 & 14 entering the sport. They've riden very little before, just a couple of days in a clipic 50. I wonder if they could start on a 2004 rev 3 125 that i've been offered very cheaply. The other alternative is a TXT 80 rookie. Of course i'd be going along in my gas gas What you reckon?
  12. You should start riding and train for the overfifties class. Lots of young people on that category!!!
  13. New to this forum not so to trials. I started in the mid seventies with a bultaco sherpa graduate to a Vespa and a few other road bikes in the early 80s. Back to trials in 97 with a gas gas halley followed by two other gas gas. Now i want to go twinshock again, hopefully in the form of a Sherpa T 350 M125. Also getting my two kids into the sport. So a lot to learn!!!
  14. I'm afraid ithe twist was there before leaving is standing. Banana whelie it's called! Is there a chance for spokes needing to be straithened?
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