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  1. Lots of questions about my background ... here's a quick overview ...I've been riding trials since 1974, on Sherpa T's since 75. I began riding in Michigan with MOTA and from there road several National Championship trials in the 75/76 season. I currently reside in Washington state. The local club Puget Sound Trialers have a vintage class that I'll be competing in. I've also road AHRMA off and on, on my old 199 frame/159 motor bike and as Scot Taco says, a Bul is more than capable in these sections. I've just purchased a Model 199A that was rebuilt by it's previous owner and it does run like a new bike. He's go brand new rubber, rebuilt wheels, etc. It's this new 199A that I'm asking about. Bullylover, thanks for the input on the pegs, I am planning on this modification before I repaint the frame. I also like the longer shock idea, way easier than modifying the frame to steepen the fork angle. So what about the upper triple clamp/handle bar mounting modification ... who's done it, is it worth the fuss?
  2. First off, thanks for the responses. I need to apologize, I probably should have given you a status on the bike before discussing modifications. Good runner with a strong engine. I have already upgraded it with a Mikuni carb and fiber clutch plates. Wheels are pretty straight and true and it has new tires. I don't lack for quantity or quality of power, it's nice and smooth and responsive. I am at the point in the project where I'd like to complete frame modifications prior to getting the frame repainted/powder coated. That's why some of my proposed modifications are frame related. Since I live in the US and at least in my area, no one else is riding these old bikes, so I don't have an opportunity to try others solutions. I'm only able to keep an eye on what the rest of the world is doing as far as modifications. So narrowing it down a bit, for those of you who have moved the pegs or modified the top fork yoke, are you happy/unhappy, was it worth it, etc.
  3. Just added a fine running 199A to collection of trials bikes. I'd like to update this one without going too crazy. I will be riding it here in the USA in vintage and AHRMA. I really don't think any modification is needed to be competitive but in reviewing the forums, the following modifications look interesting to me. Move foot pegs back and down. Modify the handle bar mounting to eliminate the "tiller-effect." Add needle bearings to the clutch actuator to improve action. I'm looking for opinions on these modifications and any recommendations on others. Thanks.
  4. Is there anyway to save these tanks? Mine is really bad, the brass insert for the petcock spun out of the plastic. New tanks are such crazy money, have any of you figure out a way to fix/repair/restore these tanks?
  5. I 2 have a 71 Pathfinder … runs but will not move off idle without staling. I am interested in seeing if anyone has a wiring diagram? I think my issue is electrical … help.
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