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  1. Checked the CDI etc all seemed ok. A mate came over yesterday and we pushed started it. What do ya know? she fired and ran. Went down the road and while coming back it died . I watched the flywheel take off into the paddocks next to me. Didn't need the puller after all??? Pushed it back to the shed and made up another woodruff key as the existing one was a little worn and then put it back together. Still could not kick start it? Push started it and rode around in the paddock for a while then stopped for a chat. Went to kick it and it started from the kicker? Haven't tried again today but least I know I can get it running. My question is....Why will it start via a push start but not with the kickstart? Cheers Mark
  2. No worries , I have had a look at the cdi but will double check the pins. I checked the piston at TDC and was told if the groove was at 12 o'clock the woodruff should be fine. Puller is on its way anyway. I may pull the carb again but I did clean the lot. Cheers Mark
  3. Anyone else got any idea? Please? Cheers Mark
  4. Does anyone know where and how much a coil and or pickup would be? Thanks Mark
  5. The plug is new, I have been getting great flow through the fuel lines to the carb, carb cleaned and blown out, has compression( new piston and rings),fuel and spark. Not 100% sure if spark is strong enough but looks to be so to me hence wanting to do some voltmeter testing. When it runs it runs great. Thanks for the replies so far everyone, Mark
  6. Hey all, I have a 2008 Raga rep txt280. It ran fine for quite a while after I bought it and then slowly got harder to start. It now will not start at all? I did have a problem a while back where it looked like water got into the oil but I did not lose any water so I assume it was due to washing? So far I have pulled and cleaned the carb thoroughly, pput in new piston and rings. The old piston had nipped up . Must have been like this when I bought it as it has not nipped up on me? I cleaned up the bore and put all together. I have checked that the woodruff key slot is at twelve oclock when the piston is at top dead centre. Seems ok. Checked reeds and they looked fine in terms of sealing but looked to be a saw type design? Changed plug. Cleaned all electrical joins and earth points. Removed kill switch earth point. Checked cdi for dodgy wiring etc. Removed and cleaned face of pickup. I am now going to check voltages etc. What should I be getting where and when? I am about to order a rh 27x1mm flywheel puller so I can remove the flywheel for a better lokk in there. Does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks in advance MArk
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