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  1. Cheers for the help Lineaway, did what you said and started first kick with the throttle wind open, ya didn't say it was gonna take off like mad I S**T myself lol but she sooned died down a little and back to normal! Thanks again cheers Doug
  2. Thanks for that, bud will go give it a go, when you say replace plug and hold the throttle wide open with no choke is this with the fuel on or off? Cheers Doug
  3. Hi I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some advice. I've got a Beta 250 rev 3 2007 I believe, anyway it usually starts first kick but today when i was about to load it up to go out i thought i'd give it a go starting it but I just couldn't get her started. I had her out last weekend and from freezing cold started first kick, no problems at all, but then i had to cancel going out and put her back into the shed on the side stand while i ran back in the house and yup left the fuel and choke left on, went back in few hours later to chain her up and park her back in her normal spot and noticed that it had dumped all it's fuel tank on the deck (****) I imagine it was down to choke and fuel being left on. So anyway today I filled her back up petrol and nothing, changed spark plug nothing, took carb off gave it a clean up make sure nothing swimming about and all seemed fine, changed air filter aswel. I had my concerns about bike before when i was out i parked it up on side stand for 10 min with the fuel on and went back to start her and she wouldn't start, switched the fuel off and she started on the second kick then i just put fuel back on and she was fine. Any ideas on what to try next would be great, I've not managed to take the spark plug out on the lead and check the spark against the body as it was alkward as hell so only thing i can imagine, the guy i bought the bike from did say the stator has been done recently, Cheers Doug
  4. Know a few areas that can plod away without getting hassled depends what kinda thing you want to do really, how far you want to go etc. If you have facebook gives a add and can arrange something for Sunday if your free, names Douglas Trolland Cheers Doug
  5. Hi Craig, What part of the highlands are you in? I'm Inverness myself and just bought a Beta Rev 3, If you fancy just give us a shout and can try organise a ride out on the bikes sometime over the festive period, also there is a trials day out near Tain on the 28th which should be good! Cheers Doug
  6. Hey everyone, Names Doug from Inverness, Scotland New to trials trying get into it to help my enduro riding on my KTM 300exc and just get better overall slow speed bike control. Figuring out what kind of bike to go for tho is a nightmare as I haven't got a huge budget, and there is so many different bikes and conflicting information. Also I'm a heavy lad (around 18 Stone) so was worried what bikes would manage my weight as trial bikes don't seem to have the heavest suspension around. I've been looking at a 2010 290 Beta Evo guy was wanting £1800 for it which i thought was a really good price as it's just been nickle plated back down to a Size A piston and the bike is in good condition, also there was a 2000 Montesa 315r and a 2002 Gasgas 321 for sale aswel around £1000. would be interested in seeing what you all think. Cheers Doug
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