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  1. hi all my daughters beta 80 2006 geared model needs a new clutch is this an easy job to do in garage will i need any special tools. Is it just the plates i will need or other parts too thanks in advance
  2. hi all got a little play in swing arm bearings is it simple diy job to change, thanks
  3. will give it a try never thought to use super unleaded,
  4. thanks been putting in 20/1 in explains smoke i guess
  5. littlegadgi

    Oil Petrol Mix

    hi just after correct 2 stroke petrol mix for 2006 beta ,thanks martin
  6. i have ground a larger allen key down but just slips think previous owner over tightened may have to drill and left hand tap out last resort have done oil change via sight glass not ideal then blew out with airline
  7. hi all sump plug rounded off so cannot undo any ideas how to get off the drain off one underneath
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