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  1. I would love one, Nice, Classic looking Classic Greeves
  2. Time to dust the cobwebs off. First Trial in 3 weeks. Hope it cools off a bit. Mid 30's and 100% humidity at the moment. Very unpleasant. Think even the Greeves is sweating. Amazing these little air cooled engines manage the Cold, snow and ice, in the Scottish highlands, and upto the 40's here in Aus. whitehillbilly
  3. Hi Trialsrfum. Yes original, as I got it, 25 yrs ago, as a barn find. I cut of original 'bar' type foot pegs off. Add folding ones. RH side has no spring, so can be folded up to kick start, when cold. starts to the foot peg when warm. Rock guards added, heavy duty, as the sections in Aus can have lots, and big. I added a chain tensioner, and cut an old chopping board, bending around the swing arm, as am running a 12T gearbox sprocket, and It was cutting in a bit. 60 thou OS Hepolite piston. Was 10 thou OS until piston circlip broke, the pin scored the barrel. Had to take it right out to remove score marks, so probably closer to 262cc now ???? Electrics are STD, lead soldered onto coil. Coil was re wound, by HI Output coils, Vic, AU, 20 odd years ago. The paint was matched from sample inside Brake hub, so probably very close to original Moorland Blue. Still have 1/2 ltr in tin for touch ups. Front fork bottom loop is thicker than original type. It was fitted. GRA member thought maybe off SAS model. NJB front and rear forks jacked it up higher than STD. Tool box has spare plug and a few tools in it. Still has the original Swing arm oiler, drip feed metering screw fitted. GRA member, who built the wheels at Greeves, supplied alloy rims and pre cut spokes. Alloy rims same fitted to 63 works bikes. Alloy exhaust, had perforated tube in the middle, packed with insulating wadding, with After market silencer fitted. Before and After. Nice and shiny back then. Whitehillbilly
  4. Another good Trial. whitehillbilly
  5. Good Day out on My Greeves. 40 trouble free section. 4 laps of 10. Villiers Services brake shoes and clutch mods have transformed the Bike. whitehillbilly
  6. Seen on Land Rover forum. Glue rough sand paper to inside of drum with spray on adhesive. rub shoes along sand paper. Remove sand paper and wipe of glue with thinners. whitehillbilly
  7. Trailered the Greeves to my local, Show And Shine. Then home and rode in my 77 Honda, CJ250T. whitehillbilly
  8. All welded. Nothing disconnected. Just removed side covers and fuel tank. Lay bike throttle side down. Cleaned frame right next to weld point for earth lead. cleaned up crack and welded. Everything important was covered. Just pored clean water on weld when finished. Whitehillbilly
  9. Didnt shave this morning. Yes, Rossi buckle up. Does take me 15 mins to put them on, does allow you coffee to cool a bit. Not welded yet. Still waiting for advice.
  10. Well Santa has packed his Sleigh away for another year. The Greeves is all ready to go. First Trial Kicks off next week.
  11. Well Santa has packed his Sleigh away for another year. All ready to go. First Trial Kicks off next week.
  12. Well Fantic update. Radiator fan died. Cut it out and replaced with on of these, from my local electronics shop. 4 to 12V https://www.jaycar.com.au/12v-6-500-rpm-dc-electric-motor/p/YM2718 played with the carby and now runs beautifully, with the new bits and kit fitted. So will stick with the original one fitted, Atm First Trial of the year next week. Start second kick, discovered it needs to warm up a bit longer with choke on. After cleaning fork seals and replacing oil, neither leaking, forks need re chroming but used some fine wet and dry to smooth off pealing chrome. See what happens after a days riding. noticed RH head steady has cracked from the frame. Can weld, but do I need to disconnect any thing before doing it ???? Have a stick, DC welder. Can put the earth right on the weld point. Thanks, whitehillbilly
  13. Thanks for the reply. What OKO carby did you fit? Looked at putting on of these on my section. Whitehillbilly
  14. Well I stripped them down, cleaned, new oil, mix of SAE30 and ATF. to make up 200mils per leg. Old oil may have been ATF, very dirty with a tinge of Red. Understand how they work now. Will add some pics when I do the new seals. Surprised at no comments. You lot must be Hibernating. whitehillbilly
  15. Happy 2017. Want to replace the front fork seals on my Fantic. Any advice or diagrams on how to do it? Any problems or special tools pulling them apart? Best place to get the 40mm bottom seals and wiper upper seals. Also the two lower seal retaining spring clip. Thanks.
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