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  1. Thanks fellas. I intend to talk to 'In Motion' after the Christmas/New Year break, that is where I bought the Talon sprockets. I will also talk with Talon.. Do you know of any genuine Montesa sprockets with woodruff key slot being available?? I will lap the next sprocket to the shaft to try and remove the yellow coating. Will also try an extra 10% on the torque figure (i.e. 55ft-lbs) Thanks again gents.
  2. Hi fella's, appreciate your reply. (dadof2) All of the gears/crank are original, I have recently replaced the crank seals, clutch plates and various ignition parts but other than that all of the engine is original, I haven't split the engine at all. (feetupfun) Both sprockets I have used are Talon 10T. I have had the same thought about faulty sprockets but Talon products are usually top quality. No lub was used during assembly. I'm now thinking that it maybe the 'locking tab washer' thats at fault.. It is the original and appears to be opening at the point where it contacts the sprocket (not where it contacts the nut) I have torqued the nut to 50 ft-lbs both times and I'm sure the torque wrench is correct. At the moment, I only have pictures of the 1st sprocket that split but it definitely has witness marks on the inside edge where it has been rubbing against the engine case.. It must have been under a massive amount of force to move it that far up the taper shaft!! I will post pics of the 2nd sprocket when I get time to have a look at it. Any thoughts???
  3. Have just split the 2nd drive sprocket on my rebuilt 348! The sprocket fits on a taper shaft. I think the left hand thread nut is tightening as I ride the bike and forcing the sprocket further onto the taper shaft. The original sprocket also used a 'woodruff key'.. The replacement sprockets don't have the woodruff key groove as the taper shaft provides enough friction (or so i'm told) I'm torque loading the nut to 50 ft lbs as per the manual.. Has anyone else experienced this problem???
  4. I made a similar post about a year ago. You can buy various pullers on eBay for around 20 pounds. I had to give a firm 'tap' on the shafts too.. If you're planning on removing the primary gear, then prepare yourself for some trauma!!! Good luck..
  5. Hi 'feetupfun' appreciate the info. Hope to have the Mont back in action by spring time.
  6. Hi, I'm in mid restoration of my 79 Cota 348. Can anyone explain the 2 machined groves in the top mating face of the cylinder? Do I need a gasket, O-rings or something similar on assembly? I would appreciate any info. Photo attached.
  7. I may have freaked the neighbours out by shouting yes yes yes in my garage!
  8. At last, it's off.... That was a lot tougher than I thought it could be! 4 visits to eBay for pullers, heat gun and freeze spray... In the end it took a lot of pressure on the puller and a number of good hammer blows on the end of the shaft. Thanks for all the advise fellas.
  9. Clutch basket is off, still working on the primary gear.
  10. Excellent.. Thanks for the info both of you. I'll keep you informed.
  11. Hi samwisemcg, thanks for the info I'll try again one night this week. No I haven't got the primary gear off yet.. Having read some of the posts on here I suspect i'm going to have problems with that too.. I think a trip to the local tool shop is needed for some pullers and some heat! Thanks again
  12. Hi, new member to TC and 348 Montesa's. I'm trying to replace the crank seals on my 348 but I'm unable to remove the clutch basket! I would have expected the basket to lift off the shaft fairly easily once the nut, lock washer and clutch pack are removed but mine seems to be stuck!! Could the bearing be stuck on the shaft? Do I need a puller? Any advise would be appreciated.
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