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  1. Thanks... Ive not run a 2t since 2007.... 4t easier to run but harder to fix.
  2. Ive just flushed it, new coolant, new oil, good quality fuel & oil. Its running much better... Fan on & fan off after a couple mins.. Not boiling water. Ive just mixed. 200ml top quality 2t oil with 12ltr of bp ultimate unleaded..... I cant do math... So dunno what ratio that is prob 50/60:1 I will google what 80:1 works out per 1ltr so i know for future. And yes it does look like i need to descale rad...but i'll do that next on list.
  3. Had a quick look into radiator.. Its only got water in by looks of it and its a bit scummy.. I took cap off & started the engine, the water is pumping. I will remove and flush the system and clean the radiator. The fuel was what came in the bike, so i will put ne fuel in. I was going to run 60:1 fuel mix maybe 80:1
  4. Hi thanks for info. Sounds good. Ive not given my boy the bike until xmas. But would like to come and watch. Gunna look on that site now. Thanks
  5. Hi guys, New to trials. I have txt 280 pro. I started bike, then rode it on gentle throttle / low speed 1st & 2nd gear. Within 5 mins the cooling fan came on and stayed on continuosly until stopping the bike. Is this normal? If not how do i check coolant level & how do i check the water pump ?
  6. Hi guys, new to trials but not bikes - starting my boy on a gg boy 50 & got myself a gg txt 280 pro, just to ride with him.
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