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  1. 3 months after crank seal changed. I notice the engine oil level is rising again. and the transmission oil is decrease. the engine looks clean ,no oil leak Is it possible that the engine oil pump's oil seal is defect ?
  2. How often do you open the air bleed screw in the left fork? and does the right fork have one ? or i need to open the top cap to vent the pressure.
  3. Update. Oil seal 's rubber deteriorate. No groove on the metal sleeve. I don't know how this happen but this bike parked for 2 years before i bought it. only 20 hours of use. after change ,I let the engine run at idle for 10 minute. engine oil level still the same
  4. Today. I change the engine oil and transmission oil together . I notice there is very little amount of transmission oil came out . may be 200 cc. But the engine oil came out 800cc. So i fill new oil in and ride for 1 hour . i found engine oil level increase about 100cc per 1 hour of ride. Transmission side breather hose looks ok ,No oil came out the hose looks clean. Is this the Crank seal problem?
  5. Eventually, I found the problem . The Fuel filter was clogged by rust . After flush and clean the filter , Now the bike can hot start everytime no matter how hot the weather is. The root cause may be the crack fuel cap ,So the water can get in when washing the bike and after parking for almost 2 years. the rust buildup. Thankyou everyone.
  6. Update on my Hot Start problem . If the weather is extremely hot 35+ degreeC and continuous ride about 30 min. There was a lot of vent out the breather hose and The fuel was boiling in the gas tank . I assume there is a fuel boiling in the injector rail too. So when i start , the Fuel mixture is too lean .(Spark plug never gets wet) I google a lot and find some word "Hydro lock" . solution 1. If the weather is extremely hot and sunny always park your bike under the shade , ride for a short period of the time. ( Under cloudy weather with 25 degreeC there will be no problem at all) 2. If the bike can't start , open the gas cap to confirm there is a boiling inside. park the bike in the shade and wait 10 minutes .
  7. I quite sure ,it is water boiling sound inside the radiator. I'll replace the new cap in tomorrow. Hope it would solve the problem.
  8. I have 2012 4RT with 60 hrs of use.Last owner mostly keep it in garage. I have the hot start problem after long practice that I have to wait 5-10 minute to start it up again . Today I go ride in quiet park .About 45 minutes of ride I stop and rest myself,after the engine off. I notice the water boiling sound inside the radiator and see a little amount of water from the drain hose. ( I had checked the water level yesterday).I use the premix coolant from Honda. Air temp is 38 degreeC. Maybe, if the engine temp is too hot the ECU would not let the engine run. Is it Ok? Any suggestion?
  9. After 5 day of test . Easier Hotstart but i still encounter the problem. so I check the plug, The plug is "dry carbon foul" . Then i took the air filter out , it looks good but once i squeezed ,it was full of blue grease . Oh god . It was just a nasty clog air filter.
  10. www.youtube.com/watch?v=euFH-kP4y1o Me stating the bike when cold . 11 degreeC in the moring . Just one kick . Can you compare the Idle speed of my bike compare to other 4rt ? Is it high enough? I check and adjust valve clearance as manual . Intake 0.12mm. Exhaust 0.3mm. I will adjust it to Intake 0.15 mm. Exhaust 0.35 mm. Is it possible that when you ride long enough that the engine temperature gets higher until the point where standard valve clearance can not deal with the part's expansion ? Or may be i have to check the valve clearance when the engine is hot.
  11. BAS remove . Problem still there. T_T First 30 mins of ride. I try engine's stop and start severals times . easy to hotstart. about 45 mins of ride.Here come the problem. I have to wait 5-10 mins after that the engine start at first kick .
  12. Previous owner ride this bike around 20 hr. in 4 years , Mostly parking . Start at first kick ,Quiet engine , Engine oil which fill from factory still look nice.(never change the engine oil) . First i just do the oil change , brake fluid change and go for a short quick ride which is no problem at all. No touching any electrical component. But the next day , About 45 minutes of continuous ride , I noticed the problem then I just keep riding it everyday for 3 weeks to repeat the problem . Yes , It can not HotStart . I 'm also check the all sensor resistance . All resistance were in spec. The tank ventilation is OK . I changed new fuel cap , rubber seal and new hose . No pressure build up in the tank during ride. thanks.
  13. This is what i have done yesterday . 1. Change spark plug . 2. Check and Clean all connector (Found 1 pin dirty at the Rectifier) 3. Turn Aircrew out 1/8 turn to increase the Idle. I can sometimes start the engine when hot . But when the problem occured , the engine run for a 1-2 seconds and stop ( which manual say it was about the bank angle sensor ) but if i wait about 5-10 minutes .It start normally. Next step I will bypass the bank angle sensor. Thanks for your suggestion.
  14. Took the coil out , the Ground wire and clean. then the Rectifier connector , I notice the white rusty thing on the Red cable pin which supply the 12 V to the system. so i clean and WD-40 it a bit. I will post the result soon. thanks.
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