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    Kids clothing

    Hi all. I have just bought an oset for my kids, and I want to get some clothing and helmets for them. Is there anywhere to buy these second hand? I have looked on ebay but there seems to be very little for sale. As kids stuff gets outgrown so quickly I thought there would be loads for sale!!! Any info would be great. Thanks all. Chris
  2. Morning all. I have a 1977 TY50 which I am sorting out for the kids to start riding on. I am quite an experienced mechanic but the front fork on this bike have me a bit baffled. I want to change the fork seals but cant figure out how to split the fork, as there is no bolt on the bottom of the fork leg and I cant believe that the only thing stopping the forks coming apart is the circlip above the seals. any help would be muchly appreciated!! thanks all.
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